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Friday, February 26, 2010

United Way, Kills!

What doe's the United Way Kill? They except and distribute bribes covered up as Charity Functions. They take up to 60% of every dollar raised for personal use. Yea, you give them a a dollar and they put 60 cents in their pocket, then they put the other 40 cents in the bucket. Then they bribe cities and other municipalities and get free airtime and are allowed to help the Media and their buddies tax deductions and this helps them declare a "Not-For-Profit Status". They need problems to exists so they can beg for money to fix the problems. The Government needs problems in place to use the United Way to keep a "Not-For-Profit Status" at its municipalities. They also use the United Way to lace their company money across the State line so the State Legislature and local Governments can give the, "Out Of My Jurisdiction Excuse". Example, I lived in the YMCA Dorms in KCK. The facility received a huge Multi Million Dollar H.U.D. Grant to renovate the YMCA and attached it to a huge community project. Then they transferred the funds to the Regional Office of the YMCA in KCMO. Then they stated they, changed the approach and was re-appropriating the HUD Grant for Economic reasons. They had already torn down people homes and businesses with the promise of the "Neighborhood Development HUD Grant". Those people lost the land because they did not rebuild. The YMCA evicted all of us at the KCK Facility and the Missouri Regional Office kept the HUD Grant. Kansas stated, "We don't have Jurisdiction in Missouri sorry". I did some digging, then. The HUD Director, Denise Tomasic was the current District Attorney's Nick Tomisic's niece by marriage. She was also Jerry Jerome Gorman's counsel for his bid to become the D.A. as Nick was retiring. I called for a boycott on his campaign to be elected D.A.. I had been communicating with Tracy Brunner, Melissa Brunner of WIBW13's sister. Tracy was supposed to be investigating my disability being messed up. I had contacted her when I witnessed cops dealing drugs at the closed "Richards Gebaur Air Force Base" in Belton Missouri. Then I found out that Jerry Jerome Gorman was her boss. She works for the Department of Defense in KCK at the Dole Federal Building. I was arrested and served a year on a misdemeanor so Gorman could finish his campaign. To this day the HUD Grant was stolen and illegally laundered. Melissa used to work for the American Cancer Society. I had called them for assistance in fixing my disability income because I have cancer. She told me then, all they provide is stats and brochures. They don't offer any other services. All that money they collect is used to answer a phone, tell sick people and their loved ones NO, tell them about brochures and ask for funds from the sick so they can continue to take up to 75 cents of every dollar collected to get a paycheck to tell the next caller NO! She now works at WIBW13 doing the same crap! Jerry Gorman as the new Wyandotte County D.A. refused to look into the stolen HUD Grant. He did not want to expose his Lawyer, Denise Tomasic. She resigned being the Regional HUD Director right after he made D.D. She now practices financial Law in KCK. The United Way in KCK is ran by Peggy Ball. She is Lamar Hunts Sister. She is married to Chas Ball. He owns Ball's Foods, Worlds of Fun, Price Chopper and Hen House. They sell franchise's to the Grocery Stores, but demand that they supply the food to them. The Hunts and Balls also own Con-Agri. This is how the United Way combined with the NFL. Lamar Hunt founded the American Football League. They started using the United Way to utilize the "Not-For-Profit Status", benefits. In all of this the Mormon Church, through the YMCA, combines with the United Way. The Mormon Church is not recognized as a Religion. Is is classified as an Occult. They need a way to shelter their funds. They cannot declare "Separation of Church and State". They are not a recognized religion. The United Way and those listed above with Sen Steineger facilitated the Unified Government in Wyandotte County. They also facilitated combining their Municipal Bonds and moving those combined bonds out of State. This removes Legislative Jurisdiction to retrieve these bonds if needed. see:..


I see where Mayor Bunten is a United Way and Topeka Chamber of Commerce Bigwig and refuses to honor the wishes of the Topeka resident if it conflicts with his United Way and Commerce buddies. I also see where Jim Ogle of WIBW13 doe's the same. In this the United Way needs reasons or problems to function. Thus we get screwed! Soldiers get Killed! On that subject, lets review WIBW13 and Stephanie Ramos. She brags about her 100 metals and her dedicated experience in Iraq and her blessed stay in Liberty City. The station dedicated a whole half of an hour to her and displayed her recruiter film she developed while in Iraq. Not one soldier who lost a leg or two, an arm or two, an eye or both, a lung, was burned, is paralyzed, lost their house, their wife, their job, their benefits was never allowed or profiled on the WIBW13 segments. Just Stephanie. I don't feel anyone needs to loose a body part to be a HERO. I just don't feel we should support a person who was guaranteed safety in a WAR zone so they can film a recruiter film based on lies. People deserve to be recognized for the loses that they endured. The reason that WIBW13 refused these HERO's airtime, is that it shows the truth and the citizens of Kansas and America will demand that the WAR end. That removes a lot of Government Laundering from the Tyranny Table. Also, these soldiers were stationed in the other States in America before being forced here Illegally. They don't want the other States being mentioned and they don't want a voice returned to those States in behalf of those fallen/injured soldiers. Look at K.S.A. 48-203.

I see too many people being allowed a different set of rules that jeopardize and take the very lives of our American Hero's. Not one maneuver of, Cutting Through The RED Tape, Under The Auspice Of War" has benefited one soldier. It has only benefited the tyrants, our elected and their cohorts, the United Way!

Regardless of the Election, please don't wait until November 2010, to look into saving soldiers and stopping corruption. We owe these men and women Hero's our 100% gratitude for securing our Democracy. They deserve to have a home to come back to. Not just a piece of land they left, that is probably someone else's by now!

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