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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I filed for the 2014 Governor of Kansas Race, Oct 8TH, 2013. Herbert West III, (R).

**UPDATE** October 30TH, 2013** My E.I.N. for my Campaign is, 80-0953936. It was issued by the IRS and is required to obtain a Campaign Bank Account. Thanks as always, Herbert West III, (R). **** Yes I filed again. I am tired of Brownback and his dirty politics. I am tired of the sabotage on Medicaid and SRS. I am tired of his bulling us with Gun Issues. I have a great deal of issues to cover. I am using my old website as the information is still how I feel. The issues are still the same. He is still the same. We need change. Davis (D), is no better. I will date each new entry as I post on the issues listed below. That shows the current dates and my current views on those subjects. Thanks as always, Herbert West III, (R). Candidate for Kansas Governor 2014. **See my profile above for required posting of the "Paid For", "Sponsored By" clause*. It pertains to this entire Governor Candidate Web page found here and all my other web pages listed in, "View My Complete Profile". http://www.blogger.com/profile/10712587761042151134 Here on Blogger.* Also lets reflect on a mistake that the I.R.S. Furlough made, do to the shut down they was forced to have I had faxed a SS-4 to the IRS on October 14TH, 2013 for my E.I.N. which is required to open a Bank Account to run for Office. I then called them and received the E.I.N. by phone call, 80-0953936. Then I called them on Oct 30TH, to reference which IRS Form is used to file my financial report to them reflective to my E.I.N. and they stated, Form 990. Then on Oct 31ST, 2013 I called them back and clarified the I.R.S. Form and they said it would be a Form 1120 POL and  that I did not need to file do to my Campaign Contributions are not taxable, as my Campaign for Kansas Governor is "Tax Exempt". Then when I got home, I received a second E.I.N. in the mail. It was the E.I.N. from the Faxed SS-4. I clarified with the I.R.S. on Friday Nov 1ST, 2013 which E.I.N. is the correct E.I.N.? They said, "Choose one and forget the other". I have chosen to keep the E.I.N. 80-0953936 and not use the E.I.N. 38-3916477. My Bank is going to use the E.I.N. 80-0953936 on my Campaign Bank Account. It was really not an I.R.S. mistake, it was more of them trying to catch up after the 2 week Furlough.

**UPDATE** October 16Th 2013**


1. Gun Show Background Checks. See, http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2013/05/gun-show-background-checks.html Yea, Brownback and the Kansas Legislature blocked the Federal Safety Regulations and Jurisdiction on Fire Arms in Kansas. They plan on moving the Assault Rifle manufactures here and removing Federal Safety Regulations for Profit. They will profit at our safety and the entire USA's safety. Look at what caused the Assault Riffle Ban in Connecticut. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting
Governor Brownback wants to move the Assault Riffle manufactures here and remove the Federal Safe Guards so he can profit. The Kansas Legislature as well as Minority Leader Davis, also a Candidate for Governor has decided to do the same. I also hope that you are aware that Paola Kansas Schoold District 368, sells Shot Guns, Rifles, Hand Guns and Wine in the High School every year. Yea, the local "Cops for Tots", who doesn't have a Non For Profit License sells these every year there. Then the School District Superintendent, Judy Welter wants to stop any thing that will cause, "A Columbine or Sandy Hook Shooting". She uses the kids as, PAWNS, for budget. That is "Servitude". Look at Columbine, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbine_High_School_massacre and Sandy Hook Elementary, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting Then demand that Paola 368 stop selling Guns and Wine on School property. Demand that Dr Debacker with the Kansas Department of Education demand accountability at USD 386 in Paola Kansas. Dr. Diane Debacker is at 1-785-296-3201 or ddebacker@ksde.org
2. Health Care. http://herbertwestiiicandidateforksgovernor.blogspot.com/2009/08/health-care-and-tort-views.html And see, http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2012/04/acts-of-god-versus-acts-of-man.html Basically I lost my Medicaid because I got sick from a Brown Recluse Spider Bite. My Medicaid Eligibility went from 137% of the 14,147 a year of the Federal Poverty level to 70%. That means my Insurance went to other people. Brownback manipulated the system and gave insurance to those who are not eligible so he could lie and pad the stats. He has falsified the number of those "Insured Under Eligibility".

**UPDATE October 26TH, 2013**

Look at the link here, http://herbertwest3rdcandidateforsheriff2012.blogspot.com/2013/04/one-hundred-million-for-jail.html I was retaliated against by Officer Rayzor when he wrote me a ticket. He was parked at an angle and committed, Stationary Cosine Error. See #7, http://ibiblio.org/rdu/a-btrust.html and #9. Where he had parked, at an angle being double parked, the target was multiple furniture in front of the junk store, multiple vechicles coming and going from the tire store with varied size vehicles. He did this on purpose because all these factors alter the Radar Signal. I have had 2 tickets in about 10 years. Both in Paola. Remember http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1609 and http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1611 Yea, Sgt. Jenkins supervised the Food Stamp tax, and the Ticket I received from Officer Rayzor. And the Dispatcher was the same. Chief Smails Daughter. And see http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1613 I also did not receive a fair and legal trial on the former ticket. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1664 You will see that the City's in Miami County Kansas and the County refuse to follow the Kansas Constitution. They refuse to function separate. They illegally combined to do the Jail Sales Tax. The City uses County Buildings for Court and they both retaliate when you complain. Again, Cops for Tots doesn't have a Non For Profit License. I have contacted Dr. Debacker to address having the School Districts being stripped of accreditation for teaming up with the illegal Cops for Tots in Miami County. Dr Debacker is in charge of the Kansas Department of Education. Again, read, http://herbertwest3rdcandidateforsheriff2012.blogspot.com/2013/04/one-hundred-million-for-jail.html I have been told by my lawyer, I have to come up with Court Costs and Fees as well as other funds by Nov 14Th 2013. She is doing what she can. I am on disability and I am really pissed off that the Paola PD and the Miami County Government can Terrorize us and we have to spend our money to stop them as they use our tax money to screw us over. When I make Governor I will demand a RICO Acts Audit on Miami County and the City's in it. Until then, I will consult with my Lawyer and continue to fight their crap, LEGALLY!!! Also see here, http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5376 or http://www.wen2k.com/file/[5376-1]20120620120824214.pdf Why? Well I stated that the Sheriff, The School Districts in Miami County KS are illegal. Then Shane Krull pulled a fast one and said, "I slandered the Sheriffs Office. http://www.republic-online.com/herald-online/article_07155419-925c-584a-b811-1018a5fdaade.html The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commissioner, Carol Williams has already declared the Statute, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!
**UPDATE**October 30TH, 2013**
I received a ticket in Paola as stated above. Then I have found out the following. I received a ticket awhile back from Paola PD as above for, "No Left Hand Turn". Officer Hale wrote down Officer Jenkins name on the ticket to help pump up his quota to make Sgt. Officer Gettino was on a Supervisory on that ticket. He is in Prison for raping his niece. She might be my granddaughter. Her mom might be my daughter. His brother married her mom. That makes her his niece. Either way, I have to help him get less time to get a letter from him showing that he and Officer Hale frauded the first ticket to help out Jenkins illegally. I cannot do that. Lee Tetwieller knows this. I have paid my lawyer, $150.00 and she wants $250.00 more for a $175.00 ticket. Sgt. Jenkins and Officer Rayzor retaliated because I contacted the HHS because Walmart is charging sales tax on food stamps. Yea, Paola is allowed to Extort and Racketeer. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=3892 and http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1609 I have been trying to fix this problem for years. They keep looking the other way and letting it become a bigger problem. My Lawyer took $150.00 of my disability money. Now they want $290.00 more of my disability money. All to slow me down from running for Governor. I will clean up our state for us all, not just myself. Thanks for hearing me out. Even if the little girl is not my granddaughter, the City of Paola feels she is a 7 year old, "PAWN"! I don't feel that is fair or ethical. Want to see or read up more crap that has prevailed in Miami County Kansas? http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/ I have asked for about 5 years for help with the corruption in this County. That is how it became a large problem. As to Paola PD and their corruption, http://www.jococourts.org/crdispo.aspx?which=10CR01221 and then enter his name, Gettino Nicholas. Then click onto the "Case History (ROA)". button. His Case Number is 10CR01221 I just feel that the corruption is running out of control here. We keep seeing dirty cops, dirty politicians and crooks getting away with crimes. Then when we say so, we get retaliated against. I still have the same Lawyer. I am just frustrated with how the system works. The Lawyer is supposed to get a Continuance to move the Case past Nov 14Th, 2013. I will update if that happens.
**UPDATE** Nov 16Th, 2013.**
Oscar Espinoza, my former Lawyer went to Court in Paola on Nov 14TH, 2013. He refused to get a copy of the "so-called dash cam", as there is not a video tape and struck a deal for $290.00 to the city. Yea, he took a dive!!!! I will be back in court on Dec 14Th, 2013 and I will plead, Not Guilty and I will keep you updated. I paid $150.00 for one continuance? Hell those are FREE!!!! He was in court on other matters on Nov 14TH anyways. Yea, I got screwed. I had declared Medical Hardship for the continuance. What is that? As stated above, I got bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. I need IVVG C which is $31,000.00 every three weeks at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Miami County Hospital and Olathe Medical Center who owns, Miami County Hospital is refusing the IVVG C and Medicare filed on them for Mal-Practice. Lee Tetweiller is the City Attorney trying to falsify my Medical Care and needs to false justify refiling to get the Hospitals money. I have asked Medicare to file Suit against the City. I have asked them to file suit on the Hospital. I also have exposed that Walmart is charging Sales Tax on Food Stamps. Lets also look at Former Secretary of State Clinton. Why? She was and is on the board at Walmart. Illegal Sales Tax. She is on the Indonesia Tsunami Board. They have yet to get paid in Indonesia, yet she paid $3.8 million for her daughters wedding. They illegally rolled the funds into the Heart To Heart Foundation for Organ Transplants and are funding HCA, and other Hospitals illegally with these stolen funds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanitarian_response_to_the_2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake   and then read, http://www.hearttoheartfoundation.com/ http://www.bundle.com/merchant/detail/heart-to-heart-overland-park-ks-151624/ Yea, Obama's favorite State. Sibelius favorite State. Clinton's favorite State. I will stop the theft of these funds out of Overland Park when I make Governor. I am investigating that Officer Rayzor is Deputy McCarty out of Montgomery County KS where Derek Schmidt, the current Attorney General of Kansas was was a private Lawyer. AG Schmidt refuses to investigate Miami County KS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Schmidt Yea, corruption is ramp id in this State. I will clean it up. Wonder why the media refuses to acknowledge my campaign? Maybe I know some things and they are just responding in an Un-American fashion. They feel they can block your rights and mine.

**UPDATE** November 23/2013***
Well my Lawyer refunded my entire fee. I paid her $150.00 and she decided to refund my money when I decided to "Fire Oscar Espinoza". Why? He did not do as he stated. He refused to get a copy of the police car video and then as I stated, "It doesn't exists". Yea, there is no tape. The officer cannot prove that I was the only car going down that road and that my car stood out from the others. Why would he do this? Medical issues. What? I was in the Olathe Medical Center and they committed Mal-Practice. Medicare refused to pay them. Well Miami County Medical Center is owned by Olathe Medical Center. Lee Tetwieller, Paola's City Attorney could not get my Medical Records do to HIPPA Rules. So I get a ticket, my Lawyer declares "Medical Hardship", gets my Medical Records and under disclosure releases a copy to Lee Tetwieller, Paola's City Attorney. Now he will attempt to file an Appeal to falsify his appeal to try to persuade Medicare that there was not Mal-Practice. Medicare found out he got Medical Records under "False Pretence", and demanded that the "Risk Management Director of Lawrence Memorial Hospital", contact Stacy Shaw, my former Lawyer and have her return the, Copy of the Medical Records she received under, "False Pretences". This is an example of the corruption here in Miami County Kansas and the Corruption in Topeka at the State level. Other info:.... 1. Lee Tetwieller is the City Attorney in all three cities here in Miami County. Paola, Louisburg and Osawatomie. He is also the Miami County Counselors Lawyer. That removes any Mediation between the Government Bodies. He is the former Democratic party Chair for Miami County Kansas. He listed my ticket as a CR (Criminal Case), not a TR (Traffic). 2. Judge Schultz is the City Judge in all three cities. Paola, Louisburg and Osawatomie. She has a 100% conviction rate on traffic tickets. That is an automatic "Prejudicial Prejudice". She refuses to recluse herself on cases. AG Schmidt is related to Under-Sheriff Mark Schmidt. He is a BIGOT!! AG Schmidt used to be a Lawyer in Independence Kansas. That is also where I know Office Rayzor from. I did my Paramedic training in Montgomery County where Independence is. I remember Rayzor as Deputy McCarty. Medicare is pursuing getting my Medical Records back. 3. County Administrator Shane Krull used to be the City Manager in Osawatomie KS. He is an asshole. KSA 19-101 was breeched. The Kansas Constitution was not followed. Article 12 Section 5 was breehed. http://www.kslib.info/government-information/kansas-information/kansas-constitution/article-twelve-corporations.html Also read this, It is the Constituion of the State of Kansas, http://www.kslib.info/Documents/Constitution.pdf  I am going to court December 19Th and will keep you posted.

**UPDATE** November27TH, 2013**

I had previously tried to file a "Quo Warranto" to stop the corruption and Organized Crime in Miami County and its Cities. Look here, http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2013/05/district-attorney-refuses-to-allow-me.html I had tried to file a Quo Warranto. The Miami County DA refused to let me file it. The Attorney General refused to let me file it. I have shown the level of Organized Crime in Miami County KS. I will keep exposing it and try to clean up this County.                      

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lets look at the new N.B.A.F. trouble.

I read were Governor Parkinson traveled to Washington D.C. on Monday and Tuesday to get support for N.B.A.F. and KU Medical Centers Cancer Research Center. Well I noticed that Sen. Tom Holland was pictured in Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins Office in Washington D.C., in that photo. Why would Sen. Holland be at an N.B.A.F. or KU Medical Center Cancer Research Meeting in Washington D.C.? He is not on either Board and/or is not a State Committee Member on those Committee's. Read the article and see the picture showing him at:..


He is the person standing behind Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, over her left shoulder. He is the fourth person form the left standing next to the African American Lady, on his right. She is third from the left on the back row.

Why is this disturbing?

Lets list some reasons.

..1. Senator Tom Holland is not on either Board and/or is not a State Legislature Committee Member on either of these Board/Committee assigments. Read these links:..

..A. N.B.A.F. http://www.nbafinkansas.org/task_force/Members.aspx

..B. To see his Committe Member appointments, go to:..

and click onto his name in the, "Senate Roster", icon window.

..2. He was allowed to travel on the Governors Plane and go to Washington for the N.B.A.F. and KUMC Budget request meetings as a candidate for Governor before the Kansas Legislature Adjournment Sine Die, instead of as a State Senator. Read K.S.A. 25-4153a http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-statutes/getStatuteFile.do?number=25-4153a.html

..3. When Senator Holland is out of State, during Legislative session he is a private citizen, not a State Senator. As a candidate for Governor, he is a "Private, John Q Public, Private Citizen". He abused his Senator Title to get influence and exposure for the Governors Race. He was allowed to travel with the Governor and go to N.B.A.F. National Security Meetings in Washington D.C. Illegally as a Private Citizen. That is a major breach in National Security. He had access to the Washington Federal Government Illegally.

..4. I contacted the Kansas City FBI and the Kansas City Secret Service. I also contacted the Kansas Attorney Generals Office. I contacted the Kansas Highway Patrol because they are the Security for the Governor. I asked them all to look at the Flight Log Book and to look at the meeting itinerary. I cannot complain that U.S. Senator Brownback being there as a candidate for Governor. He was there as a N.B.A.F. Board Member, not a candidate for Kansas Governor.

..5. I am also concerned that the Kansas Senate President, Steve Morris was there during Legislative Session. There are a lot of people shown in that picture. Not all of them are N.B.A.F. Board Members. Governor Parkinson joined the N.B.A.F. Board as Lt. Governor. He was the Kansas State Republican Party's Chairman before that. He was their Chairman during 2006. That is the time frame the Federal Elections Commission is investigating for mismanaged Republican State Funds. He is ditching the radar and refusing to serve the citizens. He is currently serving hisself.

..6. I have said all along, why N.B.A.F. is wrong. I am further stating, Senator Holland had no Legal reason to be at those meetings and had no Legal reason to travel with the Governor to Washington.

..7. Also see:..



I hope people read this article and all my other articles and they try to follow an opinion I feel will work towards any problems:..

Do one of these 3 things When you see a problem! "1. Fix it, 2. Expose it, 3. Or Just Leave It Alone"! "Just Don't Make It Worse Within Which Ever Way You Chose To Deal With It".

**Update** March 14TH, 2010. 7:21 PM**

I read this new article and commented on it at the www.cjonline.com website. They removed it to cover for Senator Holland. Here is the link to the article:..


Yea the Tuesday Rally is at the State Capitol. http://www.kshs.org/places/capitol/stories_statehouse.htm

Friday, February 26, 2010

I hope Representative Vickrey is not, the typical Legislator.

I read an article about his views on being a Legislator. It is pretty misleading. I am providing a link to it and ask that you also read my opinion below the article in the link.

The is a reason for the Legislative process.


Thanks as always,





Herbert West 3rd, Democratic
Candidate for Kansas Governor,
803 S. East Street,
Paola Kansas, 66071

United Way, Kills!

What doe's the United Way Kill? They except and distribute bribes covered up as Charity Functions. They take up to 60% of every dollar raised for personal use. Yea, you give them a a dollar and they put 60 cents in their pocket, then they put the other 40 cents in the bucket. Then they bribe cities and other municipalities and get free airtime and are allowed to help the Media and their buddies tax deductions and this helps them declare a "Not-For-Profit Status". They need problems to exists so they can beg for money to fix the problems. The Government needs problems in place to use the United Way to keep a "Not-For-Profit Status" at its municipalities. They also use the United Way to lace their company money across the State line so the State Legislature and local Governments can give the, "Out Of My Jurisdiction Excuse". Example, I lived in the YMCA Dorms in KCK. The facility received a huge Multi Million Dollar H.U.D. Grant to renovate the YMCA and attached it to a huge community project. Then they transferred the funds to the Regional Office of the YMCA in KCMO. Then they stated they, changed the approach and was re-appropriating the HUD Grant for Economic reasons. They had already torn down people homes and businesses with the promise of the "Neighborhood Development HUD Grant". Those people lost the land because they did not rebuild. The YMCA evicted all of us at the KCK Facility and the Missouri Regional Office kept the HUD Grant. Kansas stated, "We don't have Jurisdiction in Missouri sorry". I did some digging, then. The HUD Director, Denise Tomasic was the current District Attorney's Nick Tomisic's niece by marriage. She was also Jerry Jerome Gorman's counsel for his bid to become the D.A. as Nick was retiring. I called for a boycott on his campaign to be elected D.A.. I had been communicating with Tracy Brunner, Melissa Brunner of WIBW13's sister. Tracy was supposed to be investigating my disability being messed up. I had contacted her when I witnessed cops dealing drugs at the closed "Richards Gebaur Air Force Base" in Belton Missouri. Then I found out that Jerry Jerome Gorman was her boss. She works for the Department of Defense in KCK at the Dole Federal Building. I was arrested and served a year on a misdemeanor so Gorman could finish his campaign. To this day the HUD Grant was stolen and illegally laundered. Melissa used to work for the American Cancer Society. I had called them for assistance in fixing my disability income because I have cancer. She told me then, all they provide is stats and brochures. They don't offer any other services. All that money they collect is used to answer a phone, tell sick people and their loved ones NO, tell them about brochures and ask for funds from the sick so they can continue to take up to 75 cents of every dollar collected to get a paycheck to tell the next caller NO! She now works at WIBW13 doing the same crap! Jerry Gorman as the new Wyandotte County D.A. refused to look into the stolen HUD Grant. He did not want to expose his Lawyer, Denise Tomasic. She resigned being the Regional HUD Director right after he made D.D. She now practices financial Law in KCK. The United Way in KCK is ran by Peggy Ball. She is Lamar Hunts Sister. She is married to Chas Ball. He owns Ball's Foods, Worlds of Fun, Price Chopper and Hen House. They sell franchise's to the Grocery Stores, but demand that they supply the food to them. The Hunts and Balls also own Con-Agri. This is how the United Way combined with the NFL. Lamar Hunt founded the American Football League. They started using the United Way to utilize the "Not-For-Profit Status", benefits. In all of this the Mormon Church, through the YMCA, combines with the United Way. The Mormon Church is not recognized as a Religion. Is is classified as an Occult. They need a way to shelter their funds. They cannot declare "Separation of Church and State". They are not a recognized religion. The United Way and those listed above with Sen Steineger facilitated the Unified Government in Wyandotte County. They also facilitated combining their Municipal Bonds and moving those combined bonds out of State. This removes Legislative Jurisdiction to retrieve these bonds if needed. see:..


I see where Mayor Bunten is a United Way and Topeka Chamber of Commerce Bigwig and refuses to honor the wishes of the Topeka resident if it conflicts with his United Way and Commerce buddies. I also see where Jim Ogle of WIBW13 doe's the same. In this the United Way needs reasons or problems to function. Thus we get screwed! Soldiers get Killed! On that subject, lets review WIBW13 and Stephanie Ramos. She brags about her 100 metals and her dedicated experience in Iraq and her blessed stay in Liberty City. The station dedicated a whole half of an hour to her and displayed her recruiter film she developed while in Iraq. Not one soldier who lost a leg or two, an arm or two, an eye or both, a lung, was burned, is paralyzed, lost their house, their wife, their job, their benefits was never allowed or profiled on the WIBW13 segments. Just Stephanie. I don't feel anyone needs to loose a body part to be a HERO. I just don't feel we should support a person who was guaranteed safety in a WAR zone so they can film a recruiter film based on lies. People deserve to be recognized for the loses that they endured. The reason that WIBW13 refused these HERO's airtime, is that it shows the truth and the citizens of Kansas and America will demand that the WAR end. That removes a lot of Government Laundering from the Tyranny Table. Also, these soldiers were stationed in the other States in America before being forced here Illegally. They don't want the other States being mentioned and they don't want a voice returned to those States in behalf of those fallen/injured soldiers. Look at K.S.A. 48-203.

I see too many people being allowed a different set of rules that jeopardize and take the very lives of our American Hero's. Not one maneuver of, Cutting Through The RED Tape, Under The Auspice Of War" has benefited one soldier. It has only benefited the tyrants, our elected and their cohorts, the United Way!

Regardless of the Election, please don't wait until November 2010, to look into saving soldiers and stopping corruption. We owe these men and women Hero's our 100% gratitude for securing our Democracy. They deserve to have a home to come back to. Not just a piece of land they left, that is probably someone else's by now!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Office Change, when elected Governor.

I am going to work to set up "The Office of Constituent/Discernment Services" instead of the Governors Office of Constituent Services, as it is currently structured. I am displeased that the current Office trends to answer the phone and doesn't offer services to the Constituents that utilize the Office. What would I change?

Here is my opinion of a better structure. I, as the newly elected Governor, I would approach the Kansas Attorney General. I would request we form a Joint Task Office, called "The Office of Constituent/Discernment Services. The desk office would take calls and receive letters from constituents and residents of Kansas.

The first motion would be to decide or give discernment, is the concern/complaint, as presented within the office policy, Civil or Criminal in nature? Then that answer will place each concern/complaint forward to step two.

Step two, is there an Agency, Office, Department etc:.. within the State Offices, Agencies, and Department etc:.. that would have jurisdiction as presented by the concerned constituent party? If yes, that Office, Department, Agency etc:.. would either make contact with the concerned constituent or the constituent would be advised to resubmit by making contact with the announced Office, Department or Agency within the State. That Department, Agency or Office would then work to do what their policy allows and they would then also work on the complaint/concern as presented, and/or its evolution.

If there is not an Office, Agency or Department within the State that can address this constituent concern/complaint as presented the constituent would be notified as to such and would be told, "The State is not saying you do or do not have a valid concern. As you presented, there is not a State Office, Department or Agency that can look into this concern/complaint by their policy/structure. We the State advise if you feel your concern has merit consider utilizing private avenues. Lawyers, Legal Aide, your local Law Enforcement, Social Services etc:..

The constituent who filed the original concern/complaint would receive a better review, as a Kansas Constituent than the current policy of, "Thanks, go away" as I feel it currently functions.

The Attorney General would have equal say so and authority in this Office. Under the aspects of intake and discernment, the Governor and Attorney General would have equal powers. The Office would be structured as such and the initial staff would be advised to such. After the concern/complaint is classified, the power of authority will evolve, accordingly.

I feel this structure will open up many joint avenues to better facilitate Offices, Departments and Agencies within the State to better serve its constituents.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King and his beliefs are, "TOKEN"?

Lets reflect. I post that U.S. Senator Brownback is a "BIGOT" for acknowledging slavery, but states it in a way that it is "No harm no foul". Ric Anderson blocks my ability to write blogs at www.cjonline.com for stating, "Brownback is a bigot". I then prove and show where Ric has blocked my run for Governor for a year showing his support for Brownback using a paper Brownbacks family used to own. I had stated, "The Latino Affairs and African Affairs Offices are discriminatory. They are financed by all our taxes yet only a few benefit from those taxes. There is a Office, The Kansas Human Rights Commission, that is over all tax payer funded and does not discriminate by only helping isolated ethnic background people. I stated this Office should remain open and the others should be closed and the requests forwarded to the K.H.R.C. Office". Shala Perez, the newly appointed Director of the Latino and Hispanic Affairs Office, doesn't even know what her job is, per herself!! Tim and Ric chose this weekend to lie about what I said. They chose the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend to lie, and to use the time frame because people will refuse to look at issues as a celebration of tolerance. They feel people will demand I stay tolerant and passive to the breach of my human rights. They are abusing the Legacy and Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

They don't expect me to complain through these days. They expect me to wait until people decide to look at bigotry again. My landlord called me a, "Spic. He further stated, Your Baptist not Catholic. Your a Democrat not a Republican, your evicted"! I filed with the K.H.R.C. and Case Number H1362-10 is still active. My landlords son and daughter in Law work for the Government and are involved in N.B.A.F.. The Bank illegally canceled my bank account in retaliation and was added to the original complaint as well as a complaint investigation was excepted by the Office of the Kansas State Banking Commissioner. Deputy Commissioner Judi Stork was very sincere and took the time to personally hear my concerns and activated a investigation into the bank after I filed with her. The banks President is in the Knights of Columbus with my landlord and they attend the same Catholic Church. They are also Republicans. As a reminder, Commissioner Biggs has decided to run for Secretary of State as a Democrat. That pissed off Kobach, a Republican who is with the U.M.K.C. School of Law. Brownbacks crony's decided to block any and all Democrats and show displeasure in my filing a complaint for discrimination. My landlords daughter in law, works for U.M.K.C. in the same Law Department as Kobach. Her and Richard, my landlords son, are heavy in Johnson County Republican County politics.

I only ask that people read my comments and clarifications on what was said, not just what they twisted and lied about. Look at how they have treated, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a "TOKEN".





Brownback cares during elections, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all my posts here since 2005. I have cared and demanded human rights non-stop since 2005. I have only been a candidate since June 2009. I gave 4 years of my life for free dedicated to exposing the negativity and corruption in the world. Please consider that. I also have not "Flip Flopped" my views. I have stood my ground on my beliefs and views.


This post is in response to,



"To use someone who has died and to refuse to listen to what they said while they was alive, is to have partaked in their death"! I refuse to let him die! You???

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ric Anderson and Tim Carpenter are lying trolls.

I wasted 2 hours of my day on Thursday so Tim Carpenter could alter and lie about what I said. He only gave partial answers to what I stated. He is a fucking troll. Ric Anderson wants to pamper his pathetic little fucking life. They both have their head buried up Brownback's ass!!!! The citizens of Topeka thus far, enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Sodomy is illegal in Kansas, unless you are in line in front of the Government, bent over and willing. That is the sad part. You enjoy getting fucked in the ass. They print a small portion of what I was asked and what I stated. Sebelius, Parkinson and Bunting over fill Kansas with soldiers and then ship them to Iraq. This is a Felony!! Kansas filled up to many soldiers here and that made them expendable. They gave their lives for assholes like you. Look at K.S.A. 48-203.


Go here and then type in 48-203 in the statute number window.

Every day I see people complain about corruption. I see people struggling to survive. And I see these same people, bow and suck ass with the Terrorist known as the Media!!! How many soldiers will die before you feel like somebody???? They are probably curious, they are the ones being killed for your sorry ass!!!!