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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Friday, July 31, 2009

If and/or When Elected.

July 31th, 2009.

..If and/or When elected, I plan on spearheading an effort to make it so that the City, Attorney's, Police Chief's, Manager's etc:.. and the County Manager's, County Council-er, Etc:.. become Primary/General Ballot, Elected Positions. I also feel the U.S.D. School Principal's and Vice Principal's, as well as the School District Superintendent, become Primary/General Ballot, Election Positions. I feel these hired positions would be better regulated by Elections during the City or County Election Primaries and General Elections.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Campaign Auctions, coming soon.

July 27th, 2009.
..I will be collecting Contributions in the form of new goods for Campaign Auctions. I can combine and set up packages for the Auction. I plan on Kitchen Packages, Pots, Pans, Cutlery etc:.. I will be getting a lot of new goods and scheduling Campaign Auctions. You must be 18 to get a Bid Number and I have the right to keep a Aggregated Contribution Book. If you are close to the $2,000.00 maximum Contribution limit for the time frame from now until noon of the Monday prior to the Tuesday of the Primary Election Day, I will deny you an Auction Bid Number. All bidders must have a Bid Number to Bid at the Campaign Auction. All Bid payments will be paid to the Auctioneer and the Auctioneer will pay me the contracted difference of their fee's based on the contract between myself and the Auctioneer. All other Auction Rules apply at their Power of Attorney, as contracted.

My Campaign Raffle Rules and Play.

July 27th, 2009. {Please read the update below}.

..I will be getting "Contributions" from Convenience Store's soon. Example, a store Contributes up to $500.00, for a single Raffle. I contract with them and they allow me to come in for 1 day. I advertise the Raffle and set up on the contracted day. I set up a table and give away Raffle Tickets all day. At the end of each hour, I will draw out 20 tickets and destroy the other Raffle Tickets I collected in that hour. I will do this 8 times in a row. The beginning of each hour, after the first hour, starts with 20 Raffle Tickets in it. The 20 Tickets pulled at the end of hour 1 start hour 2. At the end of hour 2, I will draw 20 Tickets and these start hour 3. At the end of the day I will draw the last 20 Tickets and place them in a box. I will draw 1 winner from that box. They will win that $500.00, "TAX FREE"! As people get a Raffle Ticket, I will write their name and address down. They must be 18 to play. I can collect Campaign Contributions, separately. I "CANNOT" demand or ask for any money for a Raffle Ticket. I can limit 1 Raffle Ticket, per person, per hour. I will let you know when I get these scheduled.

..::UPDATE:.. Sept 2nd, 2009..

..I will be talking to people about issues and discussing my views on issues at these "FREE RAFFLE" events. I want to meet with people. I feel this "FREE RAFFLE" approach will bring in more people for me to listen to and discuss issues. I want to set up other events and meetings also. These "FREE RAFFLES", through the contributions, can set up campaign budget funds so I can do that.

..Things have changed a little bit. I will still be doing "Free Raffles". I will list the changes here.

.1. I will not be collecting any Campaign Contributions the same day as scheduled, conducted "Free Raffles".

.2. I cannot specify any of the Business, Association, Organization or Private Individual Contributors as the contributors for the Raffle. I can and will list any and all, of the business, organizations, and association contributors on my website, as "Business, Organization, Association Contributors". Individuals will be on a seperate blog page. Again, their Contribution is not tax deductable.

.3. I will still collect and pull Ticket Stubs on an hourly basis and only keep 20 tickets at the top of each hour by random drawing. Those ticket stubs will start the next hours box. If the hour is declared as a drawing hour, I will draw 20 tickets and place them in a empty box. Then I will pull that designated hours winner. I will try to be able to give up to the Law of $500.00. I will then pull a couple of alternates and destroy all the rest of the residual 20 tickets and that previous hours non 20 ticket stubs. I will pull 20 ticket stubs every hour and draw a winner at ever posted/scheduled hour for the prize.

.4. People still have to be 18 with an approved State ID or Drivers License.

.5. People still can only enter 1 time per hour and they can only win 1 time per scheduled day. They do not have to be present to win. They must be present to participate and to receive their hourly "Free Raffle Ticket".

.6. I plan on using the "Perforated Carnival Tickets". The back of these has a place to fill out the persons name, address etc:.. Their ID must match the information on the "Raffle Ticket Stub Drawn". If it doesn't, I then go to the alternates and they must follow the same rule.

.7. Each separate prize will be paid in cash and each separate prize drawing winner will receive a receipt. I will keep a record of winners for my Kansas Campaign Finance Reports that I file with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

.8. All rules that are posted at the drawing the day of the drawing will be considered the rules that will be followed and upheld. I will update this website as deemed necessary. Any changes in the rules will be declared and posted ahead of time here and with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission as well as the Mayor or City Manager of the City where I will be conducting the "Drawing".

.9. As a courtesy, I will contact the Mayor/City Manager of each city before I conduct a "Free Raffle Drawing" in their city. These elevates any confusion and gives them a chance to review the "Free Raffle". I have nothing to hide. They have the right to review these dealing in their city. It helps them protect you, their resident/neighbor.

..10. If a Police Officer plays while on duty, I will have to give their winnings to their Department "Directly". The Department will decide if they can or cannot receive the winnings. {Sept. 06, 2009}.

..If 1,000 businesses, organizations, associations or individuals give me $10.00 each in Contributions, that would be a total of $10,000 I would receive in Contributions. I would give away 1/2 in drawings. $5,000.00. That is 10 $500.00 winners. In giving away 4 winners a day, that would be 2 and a half days worth of drawings. If a total of 10,000 businesses, organizations, associations and individuals, State wide were to give me $10.00 each, that would be $100,000.00 in Contributions. Half of that would be given away in drawings. $50,000.00 would be 100, $500.00 winners. 100 divide by 4 would be 25 days of "Raffle Drawings". Each business would be listed alphabetically on my website as a Contributor on a seperate blog page, like these other 4. That is $10.00 for advertising for businesses, organizations, associations and a seperate blog page for individuals. That is pretty cheap. If they give today, they stay listed all the way through Aug 2010 at a minimum. They are viewed at every drawing. 25 days with 4 drawings per day. With my website named through out the day and people visiting the site seeing me and seeing them as Contributors. People seeing them as companies an groups who helped give out the 1/2 of the Contributions by Contributing to my campaign. $10.00 bucks each! Topeka has 1,300 to 1,900 businesses and a multitude of associations, organizations and private indivduals. At $10.00 each, that would be $13,000.00 to $19,000.00 collected in Contributions, from businesses alone. That is $6,500.00 to $9,000.00 just out of Topeka. That is 13 drawings for $500.00 on the $6,500.00 and 19 drawings on the $9,000.00. Remember, I can accept up to $2,000.00 from each Contributor up until Aug 2010. I cannot accept any Contributions from anyone other than private citizen individuals between Jan 2010 and June 2010. If you want to see these "FREE RAFFLES" going on, spread the word.

..This is not buying votes because it is Contributions. It is not my money to be buying anything. Please express your desire to have these "Raffles/Drawings" held in your city/cities. I will be talking shop at every "Free Raffle". I am using the "FREE RAFFLES" as a way to meet people and discuss issues. I can be reached at 1-913-294-9375 or west.herb@yahoo.com




Old business thats still important.

July 27th, 2009.
..Please take the time to read the following blogs on another site.

1. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1664

2. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=2463

..I am not sure why, but the first one directs you to an article I commented on. Look at the 3rd comment. It has my name on it. Click onto the colored links. These blogs show some of the corruption I hace witnessed in Kansas. I want to stop these and other problems. The second one should go directly to the link.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

WIBW 580 AM, Propaganda!!!!!!!! {Updated July 27th, 28th, 2009}.

July 28th, 2009.. I was put on hold for an hour today by Raubin Pierce and staff at WIBW 580 AM. I find that very disturbing. Look at the article and comments at www.cjonline.com titled, "Close call inspires law reform." I was asked what my topic was and placed on hold for an hour. I was in support of all Law Enforcement Agencies in Kansas and Raubin blocked that. He thinks it is cool for the A.G. to tell the K.L.E.T.C. and the KS-CPOST they are wrong and have been wrong in teaching Cops how to function, unmarked. They are at www.kletc.org and www.kscpost.org That is dangerous and utterly stupid. I called and e-mailed Michael Osterhout with Morris Communications in Augusta Georgia. His e-mail is, Michael.Osterhout@morris.com Someone should have picked back up and told me they would not allow me to discuss my topic on-air. As you are aware, the blog/chat was disarmed. I told them this and they still made me hold for an hour and then hung up on me. They told, 2,688,418 Kansas Citizens to kiss off. I am re-stating my opinion that the Radio Station "PROPAGANDA'S". I will keep you informed.

July 27th, 2009...I have apologized for the use of the word "Propaganda'. I will not be erasing any of the content because I feel I would be telling a lie in doing that. I will keep the original article contents posted so people can see what I am apologizing for. If I were to erase it I would be wrong. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate. Check out the comments, it also explains the matter. His side and my side.

..I had sent Raubin Pierce some e-mails. Raubin Pierce decided to send me a return e-mail. It was along the lines of, "He doesn't want notified of comments that others post on articles in the news, websites etc:.. He only wants to read the articles and use that as his opinion base. Comments from others are not important, he can facilitate his own". Talk Radio??? It is just live Propaganda instead of printed Propaganda!!!!!!!! Oh yea, Morris Communications owns both, WIBW 580 AM and The Topeka Journal,[cjonline.com]. Herbert West 3rd, Democratic Uncontested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Self Defense sites I use.

July 25th, 2009.

..1. judoinfo.com
..2. stenudd.com/aikido

..I have practiced for years. I advise others to do the same. It builds confidence and develops restraint. It is safer than weapons. Most Weapon and Non Weapon Fights are either Wanted or Unwanted in nature, Retaliatory in nature and Reflex Reactive in Response. The 2 forms of Self Defense are "Hand to Hand", and "Weaponry Utilization". The combination of both has a foundation of each. The Roots or Foundation is were the Homage is reflected, respectively. Each has its Merits and Stigma's. Chose well, thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Democratic UN-Contested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

I found some more sites.

..1. http://www.dojoweb.com/instructionalvideos.asp

..2. http://www.zanshinmkd.com/shotokankaratevideos.html

..3. http://www.karate.com/karate-videos

..4. http://www.Downloadkarate.com/index.asp?Sec_ID=156

..5. http://www.martialartstutor.com/karate

..6. http://www.karate-shotokan-kata.com/Karate-kata-videos.html

**Update** Dec 26th 2009.

I e-mailed Reserve Deputy Steven Seagal at the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office in Louisiana. I e-mailed him with what I call "Eclasia". "Eclectic Asia". Which I feel is, "The art of being eclectic in a Martial Arts form through graftation". Asia is the oldest living, working registry of Martial Arts. I realize everyone who studies more than one style will posses or develop one style from them all. The styles naturally graft into each possessor. I am no better or worse than any other man. I just enjoy sharing respectfully.

I have noticed that Japanese Martial Arts forms are common. Dr. Jigoro Kano combined 30 Jujitsu forms into one and called it "JUDO". Yea, JUDO is a combination of 30 different Japanese Styles or Forms of self defense. He did this in Tokyo Japan in 1882. He then founded the Kodakon in Tokyo, Japan as a place to teach and practice these combined forms as this art, JUDO.

I notice similarities in many Martial Arts forms. Example, "An Aikido move has multiple moves to accomplish one motion". When someone attempts to throw a punch at the Aikido practitioner they move to the outside and step beside the attacker and place their arm across the attackers chest towards their neck and step on through pushing the attacker backwards onto their own back". In Hung Gar, the practitioner steps to the side but, places their left arm back under both arms of the attacker, placing their left shoulder towards the attackers right outer middle chest and then the defender/practitioner sweeps their arm in a clock like fashion and lifts both arms of the attackers arms up and the defender pulls back and completes the sweeping arm lift to throw the attacker back and off balance with a lifting motion as they come out of the kneel and lift". In JUDO, "the defender can grab the wrist of the attacker and turn away and placing their left shoulder towards the attacker, while pulling the wrist and arm on past them as they step through. The defender then place their left arm across the attackers upper chest above their strike arm that the defender has a hold of and straightens out their arms to their own sides and then they pull back and fall to the ground placing the attacker on the back with the defenders arm and back across their neck slamming them into the ground".

What do I see in combining these moves as one move? The attacker punches at me and I grab their inner wrist and step towards them pulling their arm on past behind where i was standing and then I place my left arm over their right arm and slip it under their left arm and then lift it up as they reach at me to grab their right wrist back from me with their left hand. In this I then slightly kneel down and sweep my left arm under their left arm and continue the sweep and place my arm up and over theirs and it ends up pointing straight back pointing at the wall behind them, on the rights side of their head. This places their left arm across their chest and trapped below my left armpit and then I step back facing them and pushing their right wrist into their left shoulder area. I then pull my left arm back slightly and bend it around their neck and grab their right wrist from behind and pull their right wrist up over their left shoulder. I remember to keep my left elbow in place, slightly downward to pin or trap their left arm under my left arm. I can then free up my right hand to strike the left side of their body".

Variations from this position:.

1. I can kick their legs back and pull their head to the ground shoving their face straight down and placing my weight on their back as I pull them towards me and at the ground.

2. I can pull back and place my left foot against their right hip and step up and place my right foot into their face and let them have or pull their right arm back from across them. This distracts their defense on their left arm. when I kick through I would re-grasp their left arm. Remember, their left arm is now in your crotch area. Your left foot is below their left arm and your right foot is now above their left arm. As they pull back, they will spin out to their left. This will force their right side back behind them. This move when completed will force them onto their back landing with their head on the floor to the defenders right side and the attackers legs to the defenders left and away from the attacker. You now have them in an arm bar. Just lay back and complete the arm bar with your legs."

3. Pull them down from the front by grabbing their left shoulder and spinning back towards your right and throwing them on their left side.

4. Lower your left arm and bend their left arm across your left knee. Move your left arm down their left arm for leverage.

5. Reach down with your left arm and grab their left outer wrist placing your palm towards them. Sweep you palm towards their face and kneel and spin backwards laying back and throwing their bent arm to your right side towards the ground. This will cause them to spin on top of you so be careful. In doing this raise your left arm and sweep it across their left shoulder and point it back behind them again. This force will break their left elbow and dislocate their left shoulder as you pull their arm out from your right side. You will be on your back and you will be pointing straight out to your right. This pain will cause them to move off of you and drop to their left onto the ground. In JUDO you would complete this by folding their wrist behind their shoulder in a shoving motion placing their wrist just past the outer shoulder and putting their elbow beside the right side of your face. As you roll to your right to continue into their left movement, use both your hands and grab their wrist and roll onto them pushing their left bent arm, wrist into the ground just beside their outer left shoulder and climb onto them.

6. While in the above standard position, pull them towards you and go into variation 1. When reaching around their left side of their head with your right hand, grab your left wrist and twist up and around them. Kick your left leg over their right shoulder and spin up onto their back setting on them with the back of their neck against your crotch. Pull your legs up and lean back and use your full weight on their head placing it into the ground as you sit on them. Or, reach down and grab their chin and pull back on their head as your feet hit the ground, as is done in Greco Roman Wrestling, GoJu Ryu, Jiu Jitsu and Aiki Ju-jitsu JUDO.

I am not certified in any Martial Arts form or style. I collect videos, books and love the Arts. In the traditions there is a minimum time frame of practice per belt under an instructor. I never did this, nor do I hold any belts in Martial Arts. I respect the Martial Arts I love by not disrespecting the traditions by feeling I hold any belts. I advise the same to anyone reading my posts and using any thing in this article or any other shared source. I know enough to defend myself. I don't teach. I am not allowed by tradition. Practice well and wise.

******I wrote this saying along time ago as satire,

***I have met 3 Masters in life. Each taught me something different.

1. Master Jun Fan Sze, Bruce Lee. "Learn the Art of Fighting without fighting".

2. Master Kim, "Kung Fu". "As quickly as you can remove the pebbles from upon my hand".

3. Master Hung Chow, ""???"". "As quickly as you can remove my foot from your ass, thus removing the need for me to stick around".

I have walked through life 43 years. I have walked away without fighting and felt the win within that advice. I still have my balls, physical and psychological. And I don't drag Masters behind me like a skid mark, as I walk through life, yet I feel and respect their options, within their presence.

In reality I have met many Martial Artist who never met me. I am graced that they shared their Arts and views with the world, through books, video, movies, DVD's, and magazines. I have viewed styles and heard opinions from across the world. I am glad to have shared and heard what they had and have to show. I still have a lot to see and hear. I don't mind a bit. The journey is more rewarding than the end of the trip, for me. Thanks again, keep practicing safely and respectfully. "Peace".

*Update, July 22nd, 2011*

More sites,

Steven Seagal


Aikido Knife Defense's


Steven Seagal Aikido Journal


Steven Seagal 2nd Degree Black Belt Test.


54 Minute Instruction Video on Kempo and Aikido.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Mike Caddell, with "Radio Free Kansas" will be interviewing me.

He requested an interview and I accepted. I will be interviewing with him and I will update and keep you all up to speed. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, UN-Contested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

July 28th, 2009.. It will air Wednesday at 10PM at www.fightincockflyer.blogspot.com/ Thanks for checking it out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bio Lab????

..Why?? The food we buy and consume in Kansas and the entire nation is safe. The current facility's are doing their job. The best way to explain this is by example. Why spend $350,000.00 for a new house when they can remodel the one they have for about $10,000.00. Why should, we the Kansas Residents, pay the match or $225,000,000.00 for a Bio Lab that allegedly benefits all the 50 States? Why be concerned? The other 49 States are not paying 1 penny for this Bio Lab. Just like the Holcomb Power Plant project, we in Kansas foot the bill and the other 49 States benefit for free. Who ever is doing the testing now should receive the Federal Funds and add an Office or some more equipment. Look at Kansas University Hospital. New Medical Technology comes in all the time. Are they willing to shut down an entire Hospital and allow another company to build a $450,000,000.00 Hospital that is identical the theirs other than a 1% to 5% difference? NO!!! Hospitals add wings, labs add space. We should not be billed the $225,000,000.00 for a Topeka Personal Agenda Pet Project!! Right now we have lost $140,000,000.00 from our tax resources or the States General Fund, for this Bio Lab. The Federal Government has only set aside $36,000,000.00 in "MATCHING FUNDS". Matching is equal!! When and if the Federal Government finally does match the $225,000,000.00 responsibility, where are we going to get the difference, we as a State will owe? Subtract the $140,000,000.00 they have set aside for the $450,000,000.00 Bio Lab. That is $85,000,000.00 more we will be expected to come up with. Look at the current daily situation and sacrifices you have made so far. Imagine that you are about to have to make another sacrifice in the amount of a little over half of what you are going through now. If 100 people are laid off right now, 50 more will be laid off of soon. For every $100.00 withheld from your child's education now, will be $50.00 more next year. For every $1.00 in sacrifice and theft by the Legislation has stolen we are going to be expected to pay another half or greater. Candidate Brownback will protect this theft and personal agenda. So will Senator Steineger. If and when elected I can and will look into the theft and will do what is needed to investigate and remove the tyrants who are stealing our rights. resources and futures. I refuse to sit back and watch us, as 1 State, fund anything for the other States benefit with zero benefit to us as a State. It has been said, "This Bio Lab will infuse $3.9 Billion into the Kansas economy". Do you think that the other 49 States will allow $3.9 Billion to infuse into Kansas and they still have to struggle with the recession?? Please!!! They also state, "$30,000,000.00 a year in revenue for 300 new jobs will be created. That is 300 people receiving $100,000.00 a year. That is $30,000,000.00 leaving the Bio Lab World from the other 49 States economy. Who will run those Labs when those employees leave to come to Kansas? Look at the projects that the State is so proud of. Village West, Schlitterbahn Water Park. 100% of the work force to build both was employed from out of State. Not 1 construction worker paid Kansas Income Tax.

..What funded these projects? Theft!!! When Sebelius was Insurance Commissioner she allowed the Nursing homes in Kansas to declare 100 to 200 more people a month than they actually had. This money went to the Corporate Office of these Nursing homes in Tennessee. You figure that each person in a Nursing home costs the State $4,000.00 a month times, the 100 to 200 people that do not exist. This money is returned as "STAR BONDS"!!!! In my "Kansas bite's" blog I posted this on Saturday December 17th 2005. This has to stop. We need to look at our current sacrifices and look at what they will expect next year. Enough is enough! They cannot justify the current thefts and mismanagement. Sebelius protected herself when she went from Insurance Commissioner to Governor, She now, protects herself as the HHS. Brownback will try her tactics to protect and cover up his thefts and mismanagement. Please don't vote for a politician who will only protect and further their thefts and disregard for us, the Kansans'. The Democratic Chairman is thinking about running for Governor. Kenny Johnston is refusing any and all communication with me, as a Democratic Candidate. He is pro theft and tyranny. Stop "PUTSCH", consider voting for me. I will help deliver your wishes into Topeka. I will be available to you. I will not block you from your Government or its resources. That is typical, terrorist, tyranny. I am not typical. I have no personal agenda to protect. I have no thefts to hide. I don't have any Kansas Resident on my list to steal from. I don't have a theft list. Look at the track records of the current politicians and think for yourselves.

..July 25th,2009. Update!!!!
..I went to www.genomeweb.com and read the article, "DHS Taps Kansas for $450M NBAF Site; Officials Cite Incentives, Outreach for Win". The article states, "Kansas will receive an average of $1.5 million a year in State and Local sales tax". Holy Shit, it will take ""105"" to pay back the Kansas Tax payer!!! Divide $140,000,000.00 by $1.5 Million and you get the ""105"" years!!!! If we get $1 million a year, it would take 140 years. Another half million a year is 35 years. 140 years minus the 35 years is, "105 years"! If we see the income tax of the $30,000,000.00 in wages for the 300 employees, we will see 1/3 in income tax paid into the State. $10,000,000.00 a year. That will pay the $140,000,000.00 back in 14 years!!!! Holy Crap!!! The weird "BULL Crap", pardon for the pun, the current Lab was built in 1950 and they say it needs replaced because it is to old. It is 59 years old. That means the one they want to build here will last 59 years. It will take 105 years to pay it off. The income pays back the debt. We won't see a profit for an average of 14 to 105 years. Lets average the 2. 105 plus 14 is 119 years. Divide that by 2 and we get 59.5 years, before we see a "PROFIT"! The only people that will benefit are, Pharmaceutical Companies. Medication comes from Plants, Animal, Mineral, Elements, and Synthetic sources. This Bio Lab is nothing but a big ass Pharmaceutical Research Development Center. Oh Yea, the current Lab and Grounds is to small. It is 840 acres in size. An acre is 66 feet wide and 660 feet long. It is the same width of a NFL football field and 90 yards long. The Kansas Farmer, Rancher just lost 840 acres and they will loose more because the plan demands more acers. I oppose this "Bio Bull Shit"!!!! U.S. Senator Brownback will utilize the Governors seat to protect his personal agenda. Ever think about if the Defense Secretary gates from Wichita Ks is related to the Kansas State Democratic Party Chairman Gates who thought about running for Kansas Governor as a Democrat? What about the rush on "SWINE FLU"? What about Sebelius as the rushed H.H.S.? Lets stop this crap. Vote me in and I will stop the NBAF Plant. I will return the $140,000,000.00 back into the budget where it was appropriated for to begin with. Oh yea, again, the income tax will be paid into the states general fund. It will be available like any and all income tax revenue. The sales tax goes into the general fund also. The new money coming in doesn't exist, because it is not earmarked. We cannot balance a budget with the current resources now. We have to wait until they stop stealing and re-appropriating the $140,000,000.00 in debt as the sales tax and income tax comes in? They do the budget, they will withhold the money for general use and continue to screw us over.

...****UPDATE September 08, 2009****...

..Plum Island Animal Disease Center,

..**UPDATE**>> October 20, 2009. See my comment at http://cjonline.com/news/state/2009-10-20/senate_passes_nbaf_funding

..Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. twitter.com/HerbertIII west.herb@yahoo.com

**Update** Dec 25Th 2009.

I am interviewed in the 2Nd hour here.


**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:26 am.

How are they going to transport a Bio Hazard safely across the entire boundary of Kansas to get to a facility that will will cost $1 billion to secure these dangerous Bios? What about the other 50 states? They need $1 billion to build a level 4 facility to contain this crap, but can transport it by Train, Plane or Automobile like a bologna sandwich??? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

On air Radio Interview scheduled for July 22nd 2009 with 580 AM WIBW Radio.

..I was asked and excepted an one air interview tomorrow with "580 AM WIBW Radio" in Topeka Kansas. I was told it would occur around 1:15ish PM. I hope people tune in and listen to the questions, answers and comments. They have Internet listening capability's.

Raffles and Auctions.

..I looked into Raffles and Auctions for my Campaign to raise funds for my Campaign.
This is what I found:..

..Raffles. The item donated cannot exceed a value of $500.00 per Raffle. I cannot charge for a Raffle Ticket. The Kansas Department of Revenue Bingo/Charitable area doesn't regulate if I do or don't furnish tickets for the Raffle. I have decided to go ahead and furnish cards to be filed out and used for the Raffle. Again, I cannot nor will I demand or force that anyone pay me any amount for, a "Raffle Ticket".

..Auctions. I am in contact with auctioneers and when I work out those details I will update the information. It might vary from auction/auctioneer too auction/auctioneer etc:.. My intent is to receive new items as Contributions and then auction them to receive funds for my Campaign. I will update as this evolves.

..Thanks as always, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

The Capital Journal Online, did an interview and published an article about me and my campaign.

..I want to thank James Carlson for taking the time to interview and publish an article about myself and my campaign. The article is at www.cjonline.com It is titled "Democrat plans 2010 run". If you go to the site, and then type in James Carlson in the search site window, you will then see the articles he has published. The title as stated is in the list under his name under, "Recent Headlines". Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What do the other Candidates have in common?

There in Office. Why would a Candidate make that statement? Lets look at each Candidate I am running against, and myself.

..1. U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, KS-R. He has set up allot from Federal Funding as a U.S. Senator. Imagine that he did not follow the needs of the Citizens/Residents of Kansas and he did not fulfil the wishes of us either. If elected, he will be able to cover up any problems the State has gotten involved in. He will be able to protect his self and will be allowed to use the Governors Office to secure his Federal ties here. That seems to messed up to me. No one should be allowed to cover for themselves and block any and all investigation's. He should not be allowed to define his Federal ways as Governor. The Governors seat is not for Personal Agenda! He will push for the Bio/Lab and will refuse to look at it objectively. He will follow his own personal agenda and will follow the current rule of thumb, "You voted for me, you cannot fix it for 4 more years". We have had a multitude of years and years of that crap.

..2. {HAS NOT FILED}. Kansas State Senator Chris Steineger-R. He has not even filed yet. He is not a Candidate. He is just making statements. He has decided to fire 92 Sheriffs' and 92 counties worth of County Commissioners. He used floor time in the Legislative Session for a measure that is not allowed by the Kansas Constitution. He furthermore would abuse the Office of Governor to hide his mistakes and greed. He would continue the same tired agenda and the same path of Dictatorship. He would be a bi-partisan Governor. Them VS. us! We have that know and have had that for years.

..3. Herbert West III-D. I don't have experience in politics as an Elected Official. I never lied to anyone and I don't need the Governor's Office to cover for Lie's and twisted politics. I cannot be punished for not doing my job. I was never elected and then did as I felt. I see Legislatures deciding what they personally feel with zero regards to the constituents who they Govern. I demand accountability for the theft, mismanagement of our tax resources. I demand that we secure Kansas, the home front.
I refuse to allow them from getting elected and covering up these headache times.

..Thanks again. I want to be your Governor. I want to return Topeka and the rest of our State back to the United States of America, and the citizens/residents of Kansas. Stop the Lie, Vote for me. Herbert West 3rd-D.

Herbert West 3rd.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:30 am.

The only 2 Candidates left, Brownback and myself. Brady is still trying to get a petition and I don't even know the other petition guys name. Heck, Steineger, Gates, Wiggans, Docking, Kelly, Garner either denounced or left already. Holland is still thinking.

I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, Uncontested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009


California is looking at the fire resistant chemicals in children's clothes. I am not 100% sure what they are looking at, but, liquid fabric softener removes the fire resistant chemicals from baby and children's clothes. See


As a Candidate for Governor and as a person who cares about people, I wanted to update and warn people of this little known dangerous problem. Again, I am not sure what California is investigating. They can speak for themselves. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dead Bolt Lock Security Cover.

Dead Bolt Lock Security Cover? I was watching he news the other day and showed how people are using "Smash Keys" to break Dead Bolt Locks. I invented away to stop them from having access to your Dead Bolts. Picture a 1/4 inch steel plate, 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It has a hole in the center that allows the Dead Bolt exposure to slide through so the plate rests against the outside of your door. Directly behind this outer plate is a inner plate. It has a hole in it to allow the hand tumbler to still be accessible. This hand tumbler is the handle on the inside of the door to lock/unlock the Dead Bolt from the inside. A piece of 1/4 steel metal that is 6 inches tall will be installed on the edge of the door. It will have a hole that lets the bolt slide through it. This side piece will be welded to either the front or back door plate. 4 holes will be drilled through the plates and the door for heavy duty steel bolts. These connect the front an rear door plates. On the outer door plate 2 triangles with holes will be welded on it. The triangles are laying on their side with the top point facing out straight towards you. A second smaller outer plate with triangles welded on it will then slide over the door plate. It will also have a steel pipe welded between the holes in the upper and lower triangle parts. The holes in the triangle parts in the fixed door plate and the front removable one need to line up. Then slide in a Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Bottle Key Lock Pin. The height of 6 inches is an example. The maximum height of the overall plate will vary by Receiver Hitch Bottle Key Lock Length. This Bottle Key Bolt will slide straight down into the aligned hole of the fixed and removable pieces. The outer removable plate will not have a hole in the front of it. It covers your locked Dead Bolt. You can also place this on the door while you are home. Place this on while the door is unlocked. Close the door and turn the handle on the Hand Tumbler on the inside. This locks the door and blocks the key access on the outside. When other family members come home they have keys to both locks. They can re-lock the door behind them as they enter or leave. I hope you find this useful. I will setting up a Candidate Campaign Bank Account soon. If you want to thank me you can send a Candidate Contribution soon. Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Prudence and/or Judgement Vehicle Operation Check Point.

I have talked with the Kansas Highway Patrol's, Internal Affairs Professional Standard Unit, I.A./P.S.U., and suggested the use of a "Prudence and/or Judgement Vehicle Operations Check Point". I feel that Law Enforcement can set up Check Points like they do the, Sobriety Check Points, and check to see if our headlights work, if the brights work, if our tail lights work, if the turning signals work, if the brake light work, if children are in car seats etc:.. They can also check Drivers Licences, Insurance and Registrations at this time. I feel these Check Points will keep us all safer. They can always issue warnings for mild infractions. To be prepared for these Check Points, if they do these, go to a Garage and have your car checked out. Or go to an Auto Parts Store. You can also check these things yourself. They are pretty easy to check. The replacement of some of the defective parts is sometimes difficult. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Civil Law problems and interventions.

I will be posting soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Jobs, Outsourcing, Tax Abatement and State Accountability.

July 29th, 2009.

..I have witnessed a great loss of Jobs in Kansas. Companies come here and are allowed to avoid taxes through "Abatement's". They benefit and send their profits to their corporate offices, out of State. When they come here, they bring their employees with them. Legislatures have sold our State Resources. President Obama and H.H.S. Sebelius keep demanding, Privatization. Look at what it has done to us. Allowing out of State Companies to have their own set of rules is wrong. Letting them have rights over the long term businesses already here is wrong. It is a reversal on, Outsourcing. They falsify or pad the Unemployment stats. We need to concentrate on more State Boundary companies. We need to preserve and assist Kansas Businesses. We need to shop and spend in a way that we benefit from the sales tax return and the companies income as a resource. We need to support local laborers. The small businesses are being choked off. Companies from out of town are getting sweet deals at our expense. Why can't current businesses get tax breaks and incentive packages? Because the Kansas Legislature doesn't hold stock in those companies and small businesses. President Obama has stated, "He will tax the wealthy even more". He gave them huge stimulus bailouts then increases the amount of tax they will pay personally and did not touch big businesses taxes. He laundered Federal Money. The big companies don't pay higher taxes, their employees do. He, again, supports big business and chokes off the employees. When the States, to include Kansas, excepted stimulus money, they also allowed Federal rules over its use and misuse. Stimulus money is based on loans. We will be paying it back. When it is accepted and used to give the Federal Government control over States Policy's and authority, we loose our State rights. We will not benefit from the misused tax money, or the stimulus bailouts. Our current State Legislature sold us out, to ourselves. If we are the richest, most resourcful country on the plant, why do we keep borrowing money from less resourcful countries?

Drug, Alcohol Abuse and Interventions, Assistance Programs.

Information will be posted soon. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Parole, Probation, Diversion and Post Incarceration Programs.

Posting views soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Insurance and its rates/premiums.

Anywhere and everywhere the Government privatizes our resources it costs us even more.
Here are 2 reason why?

..1. As a private company they can charge as much as they feel like. They don't have to follow Government regulations. They are private companies and their Corporate Office is out of State. Under Insurance Equality, the Government can bill us the increased amount the Private Companies charge. The more the Government Privatizes and the more these Companies increase their rates without regulations, the more it cost us. The more the Insurance Company gets billed, the higher our Insurance Premiums become. This increase the risk rate that we are judged on. The more dangerous an area is the more we pay in premiums for insurance. The more an insurance company feels they will have to spend, the more they charge us to provide insurance. Then the State forces us to have certain insurances, auto etc:.. The kicker, these are all insured by A.I.G. who keeps getting our tax money as kickbacks.

..2. Privatization costs, it is not cost effective nor does it save us money. It removes the States power to regulate and Govern. The State can not Govern private companies. We need to remember this when we vote for County Commissioners and City Council Members. We need to remember this when we vote for Senators and Representatives who allow this crap. As Governor, if and when elected I will demand that the State and the City/County Governments stop the privatization of our resources. I will demand accountability and demand that the State be given back to US!! It was never for sale, lets remind them of that.

..3. Governor Tim Kaine-D Virginia, confirmed what I discussed on Thursday in my WIBW 580 AM interview, we the tax payer foot 100% the bill for every Legistature. We pay all the co-pays and deductables. I find it refreshing he expressed concerns with people not getting health care while he and the rest of the Legislature are set. I saw him on C-SPAN on July 25th, 2009.

..4. Also look at http://www.gbls.org/map/brochures.htm It explains Medicare and its rules.

Vote, Herbert West 3rd, Democrat, Governor 2010.

Extreme Municipality and Uniform Code Differences.

I am very aware of a broad difference in these Codes. They are not reflective and I am very opinionated about this. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

S.R.S., Social Rehabilitation Services.

I will explain what I feel later. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Elderly issues, Nursing homes, Retirement, Seniors and Elderly Resources.

I will post views and opinions soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Mental Health.

I will post soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Wasted Tax Revenue and Personal Agenda.


This post titles contents was posted/updated today, July 16th 2009, by Candidate Herbert West 3rd.

2. Privatization vs. Government Departments.
There are some major differences in these two types of structures.

A. Governmental Structure.

This structure is the basic common structure we have had for years. It is where a City or County runs a service as a City or County Department. Example's, by name are, "The Overland Park Fire Department", "The Kansas City Kansas Police Department", "The Kansas Highway Patrol", etc:.. They are tax payer owned and are Departments within a City, County, State or Federal Department. They are regulated, managed and Governed, by a City Council County Commission, State Legislature or Congress. They are also Governed by a Board or Commission that is structured within the American Government System. The rate we are billed for the services they provide is also regulated and managed by these Boards and Commission's. We are only charged service fees by Law Enforcement for, Record Copies, Civil Serve Fee's, etc:.. Some Departments or Offices within Government structure charge us with bills. E.M.S. charges us and our insurance a flat rate and an itemized rate for Ambulance Services. Within this there are two types of billings. B.L.S. and A.L.S.. These are Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support. To be eligible for a Service License through the State, which is required, they have to show they qualify for either or both types of licenses for the Ambulances. Each Ambulance and each Service must hold separate licenses. If a Service has 3 Ambulances, and 3 Stations, they will have to have, 3 Ambulance State Issued Licenses, 3 Station Licenses and 1 Overall license. They must have approval for the base rate they charge for an Ambulance run. They must show where they charge every B.L.S. call the same base rate. They must show and declare that every A.L.S. call will be charged the same base rate. They must show the additional expence they will charge for any additional supplies not covered in a basic B.L.S. or A.L.S. call. They must also stock a minimum amount of supplies and equipment within the license they apply for. They must also have at least 1 Paramedic on every A.L.S. licensed Ambulance 24/7/365. They cannot bill more than the rate that the County Commissioners or City Council approved. An additional example, if a City has approved a fine amount for running a stop sign at $170.00, the Officer cannot write a fine amount for running a stop sign for any amount over or under the approved $170.00. This is the Governement form of services. In this structure, the amount of money collected in the billing, covers the expence for running the service/department. It is funded with tax money from the City or County General Fund. It is also funded by a percentage of Sales tax when approved.

B. Privatization Structure.

This structure requires the same except, it is a Private Company. They get a flat rate from the City or County to run a service. They bill what they feel like. They don't have to justify the Ambulance Bill amounts. Any money they make goes to their Corporate Office which is out of state. They don't pay sales tax, like other businesses. They pay State and Federal Income Tax on the businesses, but they also get big tax breaks. They also can charge the City and County for additional expences that they say they have been hit with. The City Council and the County Commissioners as well as the State will tell you, "They don't regulate or Govern Private Companies". They also don't regulate the medical care that these services provide. As a business, these Private Ambulance Services can also, refuse to give you care if they don't feel they will be paid. If you cannot prove you have insurance, they can deny you care as a Private Business. When a Private Service is in place, you are in danger. Under equality, when a Private Service charges a huge rate for an Ambulance call, the Government can charge the same. That is more out of our tax base to make up the short fall when insurance companies and private pay people cannot afford these out of control rates.

I don't believe in Privatizing our Government for anything. K.P.E.R.S. Privitized, and now the Retirement System is its own Company and the State has ZERO say so in it. The kicker, Learning Quest, your public school kids 401K is within K.P.E.R.S.. Why do you think the State cut off school funding. They don't regulate or Govern the Company that holds you Learning Quest funds. Like K.P.E.R.S. for employees, it is mandated, but not regulated. I will be adding information here as I Campaign. As Stated in the Abortion post, below. I will be asking the Kansas Residents what they feel and facilitating what they want collectively. I will expose these problems and listen to advice and concerns from those that these and other factors affect, "US", and our future!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:34 am.

Lets relect:..


Victims rights and accountability as a State Government.

I will post views, opinions and examples here soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Emergency Medical Services and the States Ambulance/Personel, Regulation Structure.

The contents in this post description below was posted July 16th. 2009 by Candidate for Kansas Governor, Herbert West 3rd.

I have severe concerns about the privatization of the Ambulance Services in Kansas. These companies getting contracts are Corporate based out of State. They are allowed to follow weird rules and the Kansas Board of E.M.S. refuses to look at our safety. They look at money. They allow Ambulance Services to discriminate and charge people based on their body size. That is very disturbing. The Board has walked away from the National Standard when it comes to Pre-Hospital health care. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is utilized in 43 States and Kansas refuses to follow their Standards. I for one, was denied care as a patient. I was billed over $18,000.00 for an accident I had. I was refused care in the beginning and pushed out of an E.R. because my insurance was filed wrong by the State. After I got the insurance fixed, about 6 months after the car crash, the State paid the Hospital and the Ambulance Service $18,000.00. I did not receive the care that they billed for. I see this on a regular basis. I see Ambulance Services charging double on Ambulance Bills. I keep seeing more and more Services being sold and privatized. They are being allowed to deny care and are being allowed to skim tax money. The Government, City/County owned and operated Services function properly, and they bill fairly. They actually care about the citizens in their community. Alot of these Private Services care about, money and that's is all they care about. They demand insurance information before the control bleeding, or even before they start C.P.R.. HHS Sebelius wants to privatize our Health care. I hope to prove and show where this is detrimental to our safety. When these Services are allowed to bill us double, the Insurance Companies have to raise our premiums. When these Services refuse to follow the same Standard of Care, we are in the Hospital longer. This increases our premiums. The Hospitals charge us more for Hospital care because they are hit with a bigger patient load. It is like the State sold us for, increased premiums. The Insurance Companies don't seem to mind. They get a percentage of our premiums as a commission when they sell us insurance. The more they are allowed to charge, the more they get. Privatization of our Government Resources needs to be stopped. We need to look at our Health care and the Motives of our Elected Officials who are selling our very lives from out from under us. Do you realize that the average Ambulance Personnel member gets 32 hours a week in overtime? They work 24 hours on and then 24 hours off then 24 hours on then 24 hours on. They sleep at night while getting paid. If they average $10.00 an hour, their overtime is $15.00 and hour. Take that times 32 hours a week. That is $480.00 a week in overtime and then take that times 3 Ambulances with 2 crew members per Ambulance. That is $149,760.00 a year. that is one county. Take that times 105 counties. That is $15,624,800.00 a year in tax money paid out in overtime, a year from our tax base. These private services pay taxes. The Government Services don't pay taxes. Topeka privatizes Pre-Hospital Health care to collect income tax from the Services as they become Businesses instead of Government Services. The Services don't pay taxes into the city/county system. They pay income tax directly into the State Budget. They bill the city and county for providing a service. We pay tax money to these companies who provide piss poor care and the State gets paid while we collect nothing as local Governments. Yea, you call an Ambulance, they show up, collect money for the bill, pay nothing to the city/county and then pay State Income Tax. They then Bill the city/county and the city/county increases our taxes to keep giving money to these Private Services. The Government owned Services collect money through Billing and this goes into the tax base which is used to run the service. The current way of Privatizing is dangerous and it kills!!! This has to stop!!!

**UPDATED SEPTEMBER 20th, 2009**

..Look at:..

Iraq and our Troops.

I feel the home front should come first. I have yet to see any conclusive evidence that Iraq has invaded America. I have witnessed a sacrifice on America that I personally feel is unfounded and unjust. I have witnessed the Lie's they tell our Troops. I have witnessed the abuse of their dedication and Loyalty to our Country. I am very displeased that everyone here gets credit and those there are forgotten. I see, local Cops here in Miami County Kansas, being called Heroes, just for doing basic things. I was further shocked that the local paper only acknowledged about 30 Cops, Deputies, Fire Fighters, and EMS out of about 100 area personnel. All of them did not even have Military Training. This came out as a Calendar on Veterans Day a couple of years ago. They are getting more support and respect than our Troops who are in a 24/7/365 Harms Way situation. I am relieved that this is not the Law Enforcement tone Statewide. If it was my decision, the Troops would be back home, here in America. I am displeased that the Veterans are not receiving their benefits and health care based on what they was promised. Governor Parkinson has received $30,000,000.00 from nursing homes since the Iraq War started. $millions have been laundered into Village West. They file fake appeals to stop the people from filing for tax recovery. It is a SLAPP Maneuver. The RICO Acts define SLAPP as "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation". They don't want the stolen laundered money returned to our tax base. Not ONE penny from Village West Benefits our Troops. It cost them their very lives. The Tyrants in Topeka need "The Red Tape of War", in place to cut through rules and launder money. This is allowed to benefit the Troops in an effort to help them at times of War. Again, this is being done but the Troops are not getting any of it. If they come home, the "Red tape Returns", and Topeka can no longer steal.

Death Penalty.

I don't find it appropriate to discuss or review, who can and who cannot kill other people. I don't feel we have the right to kill someone to teach them not to kill. Allowable killing is stupid. I also find it disturbing, money is the main factor in deciding matters of killing. It has been proved, if a person knows they will get the Death Penalty they kill the victim because they don't want evidence that will get them the Death Penalty. Their crimes are 100% wrong and stupid. But, if they know they won't get the Death Penalty, they there is a chance they will let the victim live. This has been proved, Nationally. Revenge killing in court is no better than revenge killing in the streets. Every mechanism is the same. Anger, justification, fear and confused thoughts. Killing is Killing, the Death Penalty is wrong.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:39 am.

Please read the link below and the links in my comments there.


Health care.

**Updated December 28TH, 2012**
I am planning on considering a bid for Governor again. The next election is in November 2014. I have witnessed a great travesty in America and Kansas in regards to Health care. Short and sweet.
1. I have Medicare/Medicaid/and Community CCRX for Meds and that it will change to Silver Script in January 2012. The Government pays my monthly premiumms. Cool. Except, when I was in the Hospital and Nursing Homes for 4 months, I was told my insurance was Inactive. The premiums were being paid, but the insurance was Inactive. Almost $800,000.00 in Medical Bills backed up. Medicare paid their 80% and MMedicaid refused to pay anything even-though the Premiums were paid up monthly. Then Medicare withdrew payment and no one got paid. Then a Charity Group, Charity Care-search America, paid about 90% of the bills to all the providers. Who is this Charity Care group? They are all the Charity's and Churches in America. Where do they get funds? This is the sick part. Remember all those donations for Katrina, Indonesia and other disasters? The funds were given to Catholic Charities and the Heart to Heart Foundation in Overland Park Kansas. The funds were never given to the victims of Katrina, Indonesia or Joplin Missouri. They were given to HCA, KU Medical Center, Overland park Medical etc:.. Then these providers pay taxes on Not For Profit Money/Funds. They also give "Unlimitedd Contributions" to US Senators and Representatives and Presidential Candidates. Who allowed this? Secretary of State Clinton. She laundered International Funds. She also never left the Walmart Corporate Board and sabotaged Walmarts employees getting Health care their way so Obama care could slide through and use stolen charity money. Agent Delaney, Supervisor for the Kansas Bureau of Investigations in Overland Park Kansas, is also on the Cumulus Radio Station Board of Trusty's. He also launders the stolen Lottery Money through Cumulus and Intercom as well as covering for Heat to Heart for the State. I will add some links showing the thefts. http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/04/kansas-medicaid-already-terrorized-by.html




The Clinton Family Foundation received funds from this money, as did President George Herbert Walker Bush. Chelsea Clinto received a 3.8 million dollare wedding while Indonesia Victims suffered. Yet Indonesia, and the Katrina Victims were never paid. Now we are collecting money for the East Coast do to the Hurricane Sandy. Yet they also have not recieved any collected funds.

Was this Tsunami Induced, created??? They found a WWI or WWII War Head off of the Coast of South Carolina at the same time frame. New Zealand Military Forces did tests in World War II and attempted to create Tsunami's for War use, called, Project Seal.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Seal There were projected high surfs and surfing weather in the Indonesia area at the same time frame. The War Head that was located was one of these New Zealand War Heads that the US Navy had confiscated and lost at sea during its return trip back to America. It did not travel the Pearl Harbor route, to throw off any country from tracking the Navy Vessel. That is why it was on the East Coast, not the West Coast. Remember, Indonesia is primarily Islam, or Muslim in religion.


July 18th 2009.
..Lets look at some of the components of Health care. Lets simplify it with an example. The patient goes to their Doctor. They have Medicare and Medicaid Insurance. Their Doctor contracts with Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors are require to take on about 5% of their patient load from Medicare and Medicaid clients. Doctors, in doing this are not required to take on more than the percentage as contracted. The big reason why is, the Doctor has to except Assignment. This is, if they charge $100.00 for a Doctor visit, with labs, the most assignment will pay is 80% or $80.00. Every 3 months Medicare and Medicaid, do what they call, buy out the debts. They offer to pay about 60% of the bulk debt owed to the Doctor. 60% of $80.00 is $48.00. The Doctor only gets $48.00 on a $100.00 service to the patient. They cannot write any of the loss off, on their taxes. They just eat it. This is why Medicare and Medicaid cannot force Doctors to take over a certain percentage of these types of patients. The kicker, under equality, other Insurance Companies can also negotiate buy outs of debt owed to the Doctor. In this, the Doctors raise their Office rates and services. The more they charge, the more they get in the buy outs. The kicker, this raises the premiums way up on Insurance rates. People cannot afford those rates. They become Private Pay. They have to pay the full debt or bill for the same service. Why? Private Pay people don't have an Underwriter like the Insurance Companies have. The Private Pay patients get nailed in the long run. This also happens with E.R. Visits, Hospital stays, and Specialist. This also happens with Medications, through Pharmacy's.

..What to do? As long as the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies get paid it will stabilize the increase in rates. In theory, it will also lower the Insurance Premiums and lower Health care costs. How to make sure they get paid? Medicare and Medicaid should still be able to negotiate a buy out on assignment. It should be redefined and restructured. The restructure is, they get the buy out as a down payment. Then they contract the difference. The contract is where Medicare and Medicaid makes payments for the difference. This forces other Insurance Companies to do the same. Example, $100.00 debt/bill is contracted at $80.00. In the buy out they are offered the $48.00. They get this and then Medicaid and Medicare owe the Doctor $32.00 in payments for the contracted 80% assignment. Private pay people would be allowed to pay the $48.00 and then make payments and pay off the $100.00 debt/bill. Again they don't have an Insurance Underwriter. The Doctor can adjust the $20.00 in difference if they chose. They are guaranteed their $80.00 on assignment. They will receive regular payments form the Insurance Companies. They can then negotiate allowable tax payment incentives. All of this will ease up the burden on the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies.

..Another relief idea. If every Doctor, Hospital and Pharmacy collected $1.00 on every service visit, and sent that into the State, that would generate how much? Well Kansas has a Population of 2,688,418 citizens/residents. If they all visit the Doctor, use a Hospital, buy a Prescription 1 time a month. That would generate $2,688,418.00 a month into Health care. That times 12 months is, $32,261.016.00 a year. This can be used to help pay the insurance debt payments to the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies. Lets say people don't use Doctors, Hospitals or Pharmacies. What to do? The State would have to trust the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies to collect the fees. Also, the State would have the expense of monitoring this idea. The other part to this, is. If every citizen/resident who lives in Kansas pays the $1.00 based on 1 visit to any of the 3 named, every month it would generate the numbers stated. If people were to pay this same $1.00 every month into a Government Office, the State would get the same amount. We would have to make sure, the money goes for Health care as stated and structured. It cannot be re-appropriated or offset any current budget funds. It would have to be used for the declared, stated use. There needs to be an Office in every county where we can go and pay the $1.00 monthly. It is not tax deductible. In the same Office we should be allowed to pay any amount we chose to, in other relief collection designations. If we chose to pay a extra $1.00 into the State Education General Fund, we should be able to. I suggest, if this goes through, the Office only collects cash. They can keep track of the $1.00 payments towards the Medical General Budget, as designated in each county and report this to the State. The penalty would be, the person or people who refuse to follow the $1.00 a month minimum, would not be eligible for the program or benefit from it directly. The $1.00 is a "CO-PAY". They don't, "CO-PAY", they are not eligible for the program.

..When elected I will have the authority to facilitate something along these lines. Like the rest of my issue approaches, I will communicate with any and all citizens/residents of Kansas and work out what is best and within the majority of their wishes. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

..July 24th, 2009.
..I had stated, above, "If the State can trust the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacy's to collect the dollars". Think about that statement. People probably got upset. They know their, Doctor's, Hospital's and Pharmacy's serve us well. It is the refusal too pay them, by contract, by the Insurance Companies and the State's. I wanted people to think for themselves and too facilitate what they have witnessed, without my cohearsion, so they would have their own opinion/opinions on the subject. Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, UN-Contested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

..Read here http://gbls.org/map/brochures.htm then click onto Medicare Assignment.

..August 6th 2009, Update.

..Look at the Pyramid Scheme in this. The money that was not paid to the Doctor, Hospital is "re-appropriated"? The State tells the Federal Government they need the assignment rate for the State Medicare Budget. The Feds send that amount. Then the State buys out the Health care provider for next to nothing. The State doesn't return the withheld money to the Feds. They use it for "Personal Agenda". They cannot declare it into the Budget or into Budget items. It was not "Earmarked" for those items. It is used for "Personal Agenda". They steal from the Medicare System in doing this. Governor Sebelius Bankrupted the States Medicare and Medicaid System before she was appointed HHS. Before that she was the States, Insurance Commissioner. She wants to Bankrupt every State now. It is not the funds, it is the mismanagement and theft of the funds. "Pyramid Scheme" defined.

State Employee Stability.

I will post my views and opinions here soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.


I am extremely pleased to see the E.P.A. demanded accountability and refused to let Governor Parkinson break the Law and slide the Holcomb Plant through, illegally. I don't believe in "Wind Energy". I don't believe in the "Holcomb Coal Plant". What stops the wind generators from freezing in the winter? Where is the Holcomb Plant beneficial to Kansas? Its energy that it produces leaves the State. No one in Kansas will use the energy. We have to pay fees and fines for the Environmental Impact it will cause. Again, we don't benefit! 90% of the energy will go to other States. That bites. Think about it. We are only allowed to produce a maximum level of Negative Environmental Waste into the Ozone. If 90% of the energy this plant produces is going out of State, and we continue to grow and need more energy, where are we going to get this energy? We cannot build more power plants. We would exceed our allowed level of Environmental Compromise. 8 States have voiced concerns about the impact this plant has on their efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions into the ozone. I don't see the justification in wasting resources to battle this issue when it is openly obvious, it is not feasible! So far I agree with the Kansas Sierra Club and The Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy. I did develop a Power Plant on my own. I feel it has "ZERO" emissions. I sent the concept out and I did not get any bites. Basically, a huge paddle wheel would turn and a shaft would turn the generator. This generator would then give off energy. The paddle wheel is turned by boxes of goods sliding down slide and along the top of the paddle wheel. These boxes are merchandise being processed and shipped. Can goods etc:.. If the drive shaft gear is 1 foot tall and the paddle wheel is 10 feet tall the drive shaft would turn 10 times for every time the paddle wheel turns 1 time. The paddle wheel would set on the drive shaft gear and this shaft would go to a transmission. This would deliver extreme energy output and there is no engine burning coal or any other fuel. Thus, it gives off ZERO emissions. Either way, I don't believe in using our tax base and resources as a State to give away 90% to other States. This State is not for sale. I don't believe in G.E. General Electric being given the exclusive rights to any and all aspects of this State. Hospitals, railroad, wind energy, planes etc:.. If we can give away 90% of the energy, we can utilize 90% of the budget money it will take to build this plant and put that money back into our States Budget for its intended use, "US"! We have to make up the difference for any and all Tax Abatement's. How much of your money should go for other States and you are willing to pay into the State of Kansas to reimburse the States General Funds?? Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:44 am.

Please read,


**Update** February 10TH, 2011**

I have updated my design/concept. I have developed an, "Electro Magnet Timing Mechanism". Picture 2 foot diameter pipes turning against a 40 foot steel drum. These 2 foot pipes are covered everywhere except for small plate size spaces. These plates are pulled by, "Electro Magnets", when activated by a timing sensor mechanism. As these Electro Magnets pull the plate towards them, they turn the 2 foot pipe. This causes the 40 foot steel drum to turn. When these 2 foot pipes reach a certain point their sensors shut off the Electro Magnet and another Electro Magnet then activates and continues the spinning of 2 foot pipe, by pulling onto the exposed plate surface area. This is similar to a distributor cap type mechanism. I figure that there will be about 10 of these 2 foot diameter pipes spinning outside the 40 foot steel drum, synchronized to each other. As these 2 foot diameter pipes spin, by being pulled, it turns the 40 foot steel drum. This drum turns the shaft for the generator which in turn develops/produces electricity. A sensor cut off switch will be used on each electro magnet pick up. It will come on, pull the plate towards the Electro Magnet and shut off so the next Electro Magnet can continue spinning the pipe around the 40 foot steel drum. Consider this idea my original idea and consider it, "An Original Copyright (C) of Herbert West 3rd". I will be drawing up the design and submitting it to the Government. In 2006 America had 600 Power Plants. 1/2 were Coal Burning. I want to reduce the emissions and provide a cleaner safer alternative. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, "Electro Magnetic Power Plant", "An Original Copyright (C) of Herbert West 3rd".

Also read up on Copyrights and Apostille at,



To elaborate, I am speaking of the Fire Door Electro Magnets that hold doors shut during a fire. These are activated by electricity. They release when the electricity is shut off. They pull the door shut when it is activated by electricity. I feel the spinning pipe on the side of the 40 foot barrel, could be pulled by magnets as they are timed and charged with electricity. This would cause the pipe to turn which turns the 40 foot barrel as it is attached to it by a ring gear. The pipe turns, and it spins the 40 foot barrel,which in turn is setting on a one foot gear. Every time the 40 foot barrel turns one time the one foot gear turns 40 times. That is what turns the transmission and the generator which then produces energy/electricity.

Depending on if the electricity is a positive or a negative charge these can also push each other away from each other. I have not given the complete design and the exact electrical design because that will vary from plant to plant and country to country. Not all country's use the exact same electrical systems. Example, an electric razor in America won't work in England. They use different conversion charges.

This gives off, "Zero Emissions". There is no fuel. No Coal, Natural Gas, Propane or Nuclear Energy used. The 10, "2" foot pipes turn as they are pulled by the timed Electro Magnet Plates, placed around the pipes. These plates receive electricity and they shut off so they no longer pull the pipe plates. As the plate reaches the Electro Magnet, the electricity shuts off and another Electro Magnet then receives electricity and continues to pull the pipe in a circle/rotation. The electricity is self generated by the Electro Magnet Power Plant. This concept reduces and eliminates Nuclear Power Plants and other forms of Power Plants. Coal, Natural Gas, Propane etc:.. This reduces Green House Gasses. I have e-mailed this article to, France, Japan, China, and America. As well as to CNN, and a variety of other media outlets. That facilitated a, "Poor Mans Copyright" and a "Poor Mans Apostile". There are 600 Power plants in America alone. If each was to pay the C.I.A. $one million each,that would generate $600 Million Dollars into the Energy World and it would reduce Green House gasses as well as reduce Nuclear Plants. That would reduce the threat of Nuclear Weapons and threats of Nuclear War. If this is done globally, each country would rely on themselves for energy and each country would be in accordance with the Nuclear Arms/Supply Reduction Treaty. The Coal would be returned into the ground and it would produce Crude Oil. that reduces the Oil Dependence needs. The Propane can be used elsewhere, as can the Natural Gas. This is a, "Win Win", situation. I am hoping to hear from the Energy World soon. My, "Poor Mans Copyright/Apostile", is valid for 28 years. Lets communicate. The C.I.A. could charge $1 million for a license to outfit the current power plants and they can do this globally. That is $600 million dollars into their budget just from America. They would control the recycling and the disposal of the current plant materials. Again, this reduces or eliminates Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons from Power Plant use. I will be e-mailing the C.I.A. and I hope the F.B.I. and others do the same.

Lets also look at safety here. This Power Plant can be underground. Yea, Tornado's won't be able to hit it if it is underground. It gives off, "ZERO EMISSIONS". terrorists won't know where these Power Plants are. It takes less acreage to accomplish the same goal.

Also, lets consider! If an underground oil well, in Texas has 1,000 gallons of "Crude Oil" in it. Then they drill down to this Crude Oil and pump out the Crude Oil. OK!! When they pump out all the crude oil it is then a, "DRY WELL". OK!! Why not put Crude Oil from other oil wells back into these, "DRY WELLS"? They a natural Crude Oil Well. I realize that these Oil Wells hold more than 1,000 gallons. They can handle the Crude Oil. It doesn't contaminate the earth. Oil came out. Oil is put back in. Off Shore crude oil can be stored in these, "DRY WELLS". It is also safer to have all this Crude Oil, underground. It also equalizes the ground pressure and slows down, Earth Quakes and Land Slides. The same can be done with water. Filter the water, and pump it into the, "Water Table", and, "DEFINED HERE". This reduces floods. It also equalizes the natural pressure of the earth.

Again, please note my original declaration of my Copyright and Apostile as stated above/herein.

[Poor man's Copyright/Apostille VIA , Publishing, E-mails and Communications Globally declared].

An Original Copyright/Apostille (C) of Herbert West 3rd

So far the hold up is Coal Stock Protection. I am getting screwed because of peoples stock in Coal. Yea, B.N.S.F. railroad, GE, Congress, Brownback etc:.. are protecting their Coal Stock.

**Update November 10TH, 2011**

I have designed a way to use the above designed, Power Plant, in Cars, Trains, Boats, Ships etc:.. Yea, I designed a way to put this design in every day vehicles. It can be used for Military and/or Civilian application. I refuse to disclose the design until people stop stealing the design. So far I have been screwed. We will see what happens.

Public School Education, and its Budget.

I find it repulsive that the Legislatures would steal futures from the children of Kansas. I don't understand why people have allowed them to steal school funds and use the money to finance personal agenda measures. I find it very disturbing that children will pay for public school education as if they are in college. Legislatures have stolen the children of Kansas's future. When elected Governor I will demand accountability and demand the public school funding be reinstated. I will not allow the future of the children of Kansas to be stolen and crushed by tyrant's. Look at the "Budget" post here at this blog page. I will elaborate, with extreme disclosure, what I see as theft and tyranny in the current budget and its demise on their futures and our children's lives. I demand accountability, I will again, elaborate their in great detail soon. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** Jan 07, 2010.


**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:48 am.

Please read:..


**Update** February 09, 2010***



State Budget.

July 18th, 2009.

I will elaborate on my views and opinions of the current State budget. You can read the State Budget at


http://budget.ks.gov/publications/FY2009_GBR_Vol.pdf I found both of these when I did a yahoo search using, "Kansas State Budget", in the search window.

Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.


1. http://cjonline.com/news/state_government/2009-11-07/schools_grapple_with_kpers_surcharge

2. http://cjonline.com/news/legislature/2009-11-07/kpers_annual_pay_out_1_billion

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:50 am.

Please read below:..



I have personal views on any and all issues, topics and subjects. Abortion is an important topic because it involves many factors and views. It involves a woman, a man and the opinion of the Fetus. Many people have different views on the issue. Not all people view it from the same direction. I feel, personally, it is a viable life for one reason. If it is not aborted, it will grow full term and be born a baby. A woman cannot get pregnant without a man. Pregnancy is a result of unprotected sex between a man and a woman. Condoms are used to stop the male and female components from combining. When they combine, a growth starts. The multiple views of this growth vary greatly. I realize that as a politician I will have to sacrifice some of my personal views. I will be able to study any and all Legislation and decide if I will sign, abstain or veto the measure, if elected Governor. I would have allowed and signed the new bill that required an Ultra-Sound to evaluate if there was a presence of a Fetal Heart Tone, making it a Law. I will be required to listen to the citizens and residents of Kansas and be their voice. I will be required to be their ears, to be able to be their voice. I will be able to review the issue/issues and communicate what I see. I will be able to express my personal views, but in the end, I will be required to sign, abstain or veto any issue or issues on the subject of Abortion as it is presented to me. I won't have to listen to Legislatures exclusively. I will also, need to listen to the Kansas Residents also. I will be required to maintain a constant level of open contact with the residents of Kansas. The best way to do this is to facilitate weekly State/Town Hall meetings. If elected I plan on traveling the State and visiting every community regularly and being available in a Town Hall structure to hear opinions on issues and to tell communities first hand what is going on in Topeka. I have witnessed my local Politicians, make decisions and then they tell us what they did or how they voted. They refuse to tell us what is coming up and asking us what we feel. They feel they do as they feel and that is what is required because we voted for them. Telling people how they got screwed and how they don't have a choice until the next election is not a Democracy. It is a tyranny. Again, I will always have personal views and will express them openly. I will facilitate the collectivity of the opinions, views and wishes of the majority of the Kansas Residents. I will be available in Topeka on a set weekly scheduled day for resident meetings. This day will vary week to week and its schedule will be disclosed to facilitate different days of the week of availability to assist facilitate contact with more people. I will also be traveling into communities on a weekly basis. I will be directly meeting with Kansas Residents 2 times a week and the Office of Governor will be staffed at the Capitol, 5 days a week. I would also like to set up satellite contact or annex Offices within the State. This gives the people of Kansas more access to their Government. As a matter of Disclosure, I don't believe in Abortion. As a further matter, I will sign, abstain or veto any Abortion matter based on the majority of the wishes, opinions and views expressed by the Citizens/Residents of Kansas. I also Disclose, the issue or issues that are presented to my Desk will also need to be within the confines of Kansas Constitutional Law. If an issue or and issues are presented and they present in a fashion that is ILLEGAL or not within the Kansas Constitution or any portion is not Legal, I will have communicated this all along and I will Veto the issue regardless of the majority wishes do to its status as "NOT WITHIN MERIT DO TOO IT'S DISREGARD OF KANSAS LAW AND/OR CONSTITUTIONAL STANDING". I furthermore remind you, I will be available to gather this information, openly as I have expressed and within the set traditional fashion that is currently in place at the Capitol, if and when elected. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:53 am.

Please read the following links in the link below:..

They removed my comments on this next link. It provided extensive links to abortion stats and facts.


Here are some of those links:..



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Check out Stateline.org

It is an extensive Political information site. I recommend it for updates, archives and happenings in Politics. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. www.twitter.com/HerbertIII e-mail me at, west.herb@yahoo.com

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1,000 businesses at $100.00 each?


If 1,000 businesses give me $100.00 in Lottery Tickets for a Silent Auction Fundraiser, I could raise half value in theory. I would put $100.00 worth of these Lottery Tickets in 1,000 envelopes. People would show up and Silent Bid at the event. I guess that the average bid will be about $50.00 for $100.00 worth of Tickets. $50.00 times 1,000 is $50,000.00 in Campaign Contribution's. Each bidder would have to show their Id and pay me their bid to collect the envelope they won, by bid. Some tickets cost $5.00, some cost $1.00 others cost up to $10.00, $20.00 etc;.. I will put a total of $100.00 in equal value in each envelope and number them 1 through 1,000. The value is the same. $100.00 worth of UN-scratched Lottery Tickets. I am working out all the details and will be setting this up soon. Each businesses can give me $2000.00 in Contribution's or equivalent up to August 5th 2010, or 12:00 {noon}, the day before the 2010 State Primary. If they give me $100.00 in tickets they can still give me $1,900.00 in Contribution's or more tickets. They just need to be a Authorized Lottery Retailer registered with the Kansas Lottery. They can also give me money out of their personal accounts, up to $2,000.00 by Kansas Campaign Laws. To clarify, each retailer would pay for the $100.00 in Tickets they Donate to my Campaign for the Silent Auction. The State still gets its revenue from the Ticket sales.
I will be traveling the State and setting up, Fundraisers, Events and Campaign Events. I will be talking with Kansas Residents and asking them, "What is Kansas to you?" "What have the current Elected Officials done for you, as promised?" "What would you expect from me if and when I am elected Governor?" "What changes do you want for your community?" "What changes don't want to your community?" "How satisfied are you with the current Elected Officials in regards to their re-election or current election bids?" "Are you satisfied with the current Elected Officials and feel they are doing their job keeping you in mind?" I feel Kansas, like the rest of, the United States of America, is a Country of, "FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE". "I will all ask the Kansas Residents I meet what that statement means to them and what I should expect from them, in their responsibility's in upholding the statement and its integrity, within their views and opinions of it". I hope to hear from all Kansans soon. I want to hear from children, women, men, Felons, Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, Whites, Indians, Hispanics, Bi-Racials, all religions, all demographic backgrounds etc:.. I want to hear from my neighbors, State wide. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. www.twitter.com/HerbertIII west.herb@yahoo.com

See Kansas bite's for Silent Auction information.


Click to your right on the "View my complete profile" icon on the lower right hand side of this page. Then go to the bottom of that page and click onto, "Kansas Bite's". Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com twitter.com/HerbertIII

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This a second site for my Candidate for KS Governor Bid.

Thanks and I will post here as well as my other site. It is HerbertWest3rd.blogspot.com/ I can still be found there and as HerbertIII at www.twitter.com and you can e-mail me at west.herb@yahoo.com