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Friday, December 4, 2009

***Raffle Update***

Refer here,


then read below.

The basic rules are the same.

1. You have to be 18, with ID to play.

2. Playing is free and without purchase needed or excepted.

3. Each business would conduct their own Raffle.

4. They would raise money by charging each business, who wants in house type advertise, a $1.00 to display the business card for 2 weeks on their "Business Card Raffle Board".

5. The designated day of the Raffle has to be disclosed for the Raffle.

6. Customers come in, on that day, {5.}, and receive a free Raffle Ticket, upon request.

7. Their name and address go on one side of the "Carnival Raffle Ticket". At the end of the day the winner is drawn, declared and paid each and every $1.00 collected from the "Business Card Raffle Board", displayed as such. See, {8} for Raffle Ticket examples.

7. Thus far Casey's General Stores have refused to conduct communications with me and I see an attempt, from corporate to steal my idea. They excepted phone calls and I spoke to voice mails, then they sent an e-mail explaining, "They was not interested in mt proposal". I talked to the Supervisor of their Legal Department and he acknowledged they did not receive a proposal to read, just a phone call".

8. http://www.roll-tickets.com/ , as an example. These Tickets have a place on the back to write down the players name etc:.. There are 2 parts to the tickets,

A. The one that goes in the Raffle box and

B. The Ticket that the customer keeps. The name and address of the player is written on the "BOX DROP TICKET". If $25.00 businesses do this, the prize would be $25.00 to the winner, from each business that utilizes Raffles etc:.. up to $500.00 per drawing/play, per the I.R.S. Tax code.

I could/can and will go into full detail, I am just not sure which way to go. I have a hard time trusting anyone. If this idea is good enough to use, it has not been used before, then by all means, I deserve something for its use.

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