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Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 11TH 2010, Kansas State of the State, Candidate Response.

I am reserving this post area for the, January 11Th 2010, Kansas, "State of the State Address", that Governor Mark Parkinson will be giving at 7P.M. on Jan 11Th, 2010. I will write a response after I watch the "State of the State".

It is 6:43 PM on Monday, January 11TH 2010, and I am geared to watch the "State of the State Address" that will be given by Governor Parkinson. A few things I question before he speaks.
1. What happened to the K.N.I. decision?
2. When does the public get a say so on N.B.A.F. and its funding?
3. How will he uphold the States Constitution on Public Education?
4. Will he address the Legislature in a way that gives the residents of Kansas a say so in the State? So far, they seem to demand we except their views and withhold our own.

Again, I will be watching and posting my, "Candidates Response", here tonight.

Looks like Jennifer Schmidt and Tim Brown have started speaking. I am not fond of Tim Brown. Jennifer seems sincere and fair. He reflected upon the past Governors before him. He finally speaks of the Kansas people after all this time. He speaks of a recession he helped cause. N.B.A.F. and personal agenda's are in his vision. Wind Energy instead of education is in his vision. He wants to strengthen Universities but he wants to choke off public schools. The animal corridor is only 5% of the States resource in comparison to the 89% agriculture resource. He seems to be showing what he wants us to walk away from in mentioning public schools. In speaking of our founders and our past he can block current opinions and can refuse to address our present situation. Taxing select groups instead of over all Kansans is not wise. If we do this, or allow this, we are all vulnerable in tax increases. He says he is open minded but he only refers to the 165 in the Kansas Legislature. He refuses to address the Kansas residents and he says he supports us. He wants a state wide public smoking ban. Again, he wants to increase taxes on something he will cancel. Increase sales tax and then ban the sale of the item. He is double talking. He asks that the state adopt the Vratil/Kelly reserve fund. He wants the Legislature to save money when we have it. He is asking the Legislature to stop stealing, get a reserve fund set up, save into it and then spend it as they wish later. Sounds like the current crap they call politics. Once the devices are made for clean energy and they run out of the need for the equipment, what will these people do for a living then? Temp work based on lies is what it is, lies. He lies to get N.B.A.F. and then throws it into Texas Governor Perry's face. He talks of rewards from helping the elderly. Remember he received $30,000,000.00 from this reward:..

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Also, consider a problem with N.B.A.F. and consider that it wipes out 89% of our state resource. It wipes out 5% of the animal resource revenue.

The Republican Response.

They keep speaking of the past and touching on the notion that we need them when the chips are down. Consider that they refuse to acknowledge they cause a lot of the stress and short falls we endure. They speak of unemployment. Kansas Businesses only serve 6% of the resource income to Kansas. Jobs are important, but they are not number one. They Legislature only speak to the population and squeeze on stress's in our lives. they ride the common thread they caused to falsely justify stealing more. You and I have lived hear for years. Why is this the first time, over the last 12 recent months, we have heard about the recession? I don't remember Lynn Jenkins stating all these lies. I remember her stating, "The state of Kansas has a balanced budget". She said this in Nov 2008 and inaugurated in Jan 2009 and then 2 weeks later, we are set to be $1 billion in debt. $1 billion in 2 weeks. Damn!! What to look at though, the Republican response is also the Democratic response. It is a bi-partisan us instead of them response. On education, I have been told the state has a constitutional responsibility under court order to meet a minimum budget for public schools. They have known this since 2006 and have not budgeted the budget to meet this. I am also curious why the pre-recorded Republican response is identical to the Governors State of the State.

Jennifer Schmidt follow up. Style was scene, but substance was lacking. They spoke of taxing a few and not wanting to upset the whole. Tim Brown, oh boy. He could not find a Legislature to speak with. He found a reporter and dodged Legislatures. Tim Brown used our state of the state follow up time to save face and promote his show. Personal agenda defined and exposed. Jennifer covered issues and did not pump up her show or abuse our time with her shows views. She actually asked questions that pertained to issues and public concerns. To bad she was stuck with Tim Brown, it is a typical, "night and day", interviewer approach to expression on topics in our lives. Tim finally asks a Legislature their view. Senate President Morris basically speaks or repeats the Governors speech. Jennifer gets a view from the medical world. He spoke of the medicaid cuts. He spoke of the smoking ban. He spoke of a watered down smoking ban. He showed or stated that the current smoking bans have to many loop holes. He stated, he feels this is probably the year that a state wide smoking ban will happen. Tim Brown then gets a KU review or response. They keep stating the Governor is not running for re-election. I again, saw he just repeated, "look at the past, up the future, I am leaving soon". Jennifer seems to have a personal opinion and expressed them. Tim Brown, expressed or repeated others views. That is typical of a bought reporter.

Lets look at my questions.

1. K.N.I.? Not a peep!
2. No public say so in N.B.A.F.. It is up and going, up ours.
3. He did not give confidence or resolve to the constitutional aspects on public school budget. House Speaker O'Neil, expressed, "Expect cuts do to mismanagement of the states budget".
4. Governor Parkinson kept stating, "You 165". "Not the 2,688,418 that are loosing the battle".

I am glad I placed question on here before the address. It showed some of my areas of concern. It also showed the Governors disregard for our views and opinions. It also showed an applauded response form his fellow 165. Please remember that in Nov 2010 when we have a chance to remove the House of Representatives in the General Election.

I will sign off for now. I will keep everyone posted, the best I can. I am still available, west.herb@yahoo.com 1-913-294-9375 http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com

**January 12TH, 2010, follow up.**

I will elaborate on my feelings with facts and views based on these facts. Lets look at some references first. Look at the, Kansas Department of Agriculture, webpage.


It shows the resources that Kansas has from Agriculture. It states, "Agriculture and agribusiness contribute to the total economy of Kansas, both directly and indirectly. One in five Kansans, rural and urban, work in jobs related to agriculture and food production.

Also read, {it is slow to open},


Also see,


Why are these sites and stats important? Kansas farmers and ranchers comprise 89% of the States resources. 89%!!! I keep hearing where the State pushes for jobs to save the State. Only 11% of the States resources come from, Manufacturing, Local Small Business and Industry. This bring me to N.B.A.F., The National Biological Agriculture Facility. I see many problems with this facility. Lets break it down.

1. Transportation.

How will they transport the "Bio Substances" into Manhattan for evaluation and research? They will have to travel through the rest Kansas to get to Manhattan. Their are 3 modes of transportation. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. All 3 crash or are in accidents everyday. Imagine a plane, train or automobile crash in your backyard that is en route to Manhattan with the worlds deadliest Bio substances. The probability that this crash will destroy our major resource in Kansas is as probable as a plane, train or automobile crash happening in your city today, as we speak.

2. Facility Safety.

This facility requires $1 billion dollars to make it secure enough to hold, contain and evaluate these Bios. The facility has to meet extremely intense codes and safety measures. Where are these safety measures being put in place in your backyard to transport the Bios to the facility through you town?

3. What does a Bio Weapon do?

It destroys crops and the soil. It manipulates the crops and land to destroy itself. It removes the food source and land acreage from the area it is released. In WAR, it would be used to destroy our enemies crops and contaminate their land which reduces the battle field. The Bio substances are designed so that they contaminate the crops and the land and manipulate its genetic structure so it spreads and destroys neighboring land and crops. It uses its self against its self. The kicker, it cannot be reversed. Look at the Agent Orange used in Vietnam. Our Vets are still dying from its use. Korea/Vietnam has land that is still so contaminated it can never be used again. Japan still has Hiroshima fall out issues. Imagine that these substances contaminate 89% of the resource of Kansas. Damn!! 89% of our resources is $3.8 billion dollars. 3,800 million dollars a year, lost and contaminated. When this area gets contaminated enough to destroy crops and land permanently, it can not even be used for the other 11% uses. It will be a 100% loss.

4. Look at Treece Kansas.


5. How is our agriculture safe today?

Farmers and ranchers! They rotate crops, follow strict rules that they wrote and have worked since, 1830. Since 1830!!! This is 2010. That is 180 years and the only hazards they have endured is, floods, drought, hail, ice and locust. Now they have to deal with greedy dumb ass politicians who could care less about our State. The State of Kansas ranks in the upper teens when it comes to agriculture production for National use. I demand the politicians stop lying to us and they stop endangering our major resource. U.S. Senator Sam Brownback pushed for this facility. He pushed to endanger the entire State of Kansas. Its, land, people, crops, cattle and very lives. Look at the ammonia leaks that happened in Greensburgh after the Tornado there.



Ammonia is used to contain hazards and to destroy them when a compromise happens. Where is the Ammonia stock pile along the transportation routes, that will be in your backyard? How can they use Ammonia in the air if a plane develops a leak on board? It is a severe Hazard risk to try to contain Ammonia by itself.

Basically I don't see where the benefits out weight the risk for this N.B.A.F. Facility. It is strictly personal agenda, money laundering crap. I don't want the entire state of Kansas to become one big Treece. Do you? All it will take is to change the entire House of Representatives this election. When you elect me Governor, I will do what I can to stop N.B.A.F.. I will demand the $375,000,000.00 they all ready stole, be returned to our tax base.

I received a comment from a person and when I applied it it overlaid onto my article. So if jimfosdick would like, you can send the comment on another post and I will set up a link to that posts/articles page. Sorry for the inconvenience. It was a very sincere well thought out comment with a lot of suggestions on how to fix the education budget.

State wide Smoking Ban.

Lets reflect on Governor Parkinson's request and statement. "75% of Kansans what a state wide smoking ban, please Legislature, give it to them". OK, lets crunch numbers. If the state population is 2,688,418 and 25% of that populous is under 18, which it is, then 75% of the rest don't smoke. The other 25% do. They smoke a pack a day at .75 cents in sales tax. OK, 2,016,313.50 residents are above 18. If 25% of them don't want a state wide smoking ban, because they smoke, and they spend the .75 cents a day in taxes that would generate how much a day in sales tax? 25% of 2,016,313.50 is 504,078.37 residents who smoke or don't want a ban. Take that times .75 cents in sales tax. That generates $378,058.77 a day in state sales tax. That is $2,646,411.30 a week in sales tax. 10 weeks would be $26,464,113.00. That times 5 for 50 weeks. Then add on the 2 left over weeks, $592,822.60. That would be, $265,233,952.60 a year in lost state sales tax. If take that to the $1.34 a pack, that would generate, another half average. $132,616,976.30 in addition state sales tax. That would be an average yearly total of, $397,850,928.90. Damn!!!

For the record. I figured the above figures on a .50 cent state sale tax increase that would total $1.25. It will show Legislature what $1.25 in sales tax can do and still function to deter smoking. Lets look at:..


A major increase all at once will backfire. The Kansas populous will cross the State line and buy the cigarettes there instead. Kansas is already higher than its neighboring states. Colorado charges, $0.84, Nebraska charges, $0.64, and Missouri charges, $0.17 in State sales tax. With regards to revenue, these are things to consider. Also consider, people will either move out of the State or travel and bring the cigarettes home when it gets to expensive here. That doesn't solve the problem. Also, Kansas Legislatures do not Legislate in those 4 states. They Legislate here only. They don't control the sales tax in those states.

**Update** January 13TH 2010, 1:04 am.

The Democratic party seems eager to preserve the current corruption and disregard for "ALL" us Kansans. Please read some more links.

1. http://www.nbafinkansas.org/task_force/biographies/JDocking.aspx

Then click on the Home link on the left after reading her bio as well as clicking onto the other icons on the left. I don't remember all these "PUBLIC INPUT" meetings. I don't remember Lynn Jenkins as State Treasurer mentioning she was a board member during the 2008 election.

2. http://cjonline.com/interact/blog/ric_anderson/2010-01-12/dem_says_gov_candidate_coming_soon

**Update** January 13TH, 2010 6:50 PM.


Please look at the links I placed in the comment section at,


Also read,


**Governor Parkinson's State of the State speech***


**Update** January 27TH, 2010. 4:55 PM.

K.N.I. to remain open. Read:..


Read the comment section also. I had commented on K.N.I. all along. Also read:..


I have always felt and stated, before they deleted it. The Kansas Farmer/Rancher are the number one resource in Kansas. Their Fore Fathers are our Fore Fathers. They grew crops before the land became a territory. Then the territory became a State. The State of Kansas. There has never been an epidemic or food recall coming out of Kansas. I don't feel N.B.A.F. is safe for our number one resource. I feel N.B.A.F. jeopardizes our safety and our resource. Why??? Transportation!!! Imagine transporting the worst Bio Hazard across any area in Kansas to get to Manhattan to place it in the worlds most secure and strict standard facility. How do they plan on transporting these Bio's safely?? They have not figured that in.

Lets compare a situation. A serial killer is in a Detention Center waiting to be transferred to Eldorado or Larned into their Maximum Facility Units. The state feels the Detention Center can just let the Serial Killer transport themselves or use any schmo to transport them. En route, they escape and kill a bunch of people. No biggy to the State. The Coal Plant was canceled because they change one item for it. Yet N.B.A.F. remains on pace with constant changes and disregards to our safety. Have you ever heard of a Plane, Train or Automobile that is a Level 4 transport vehicle? What if these vehicles crash and expose these agents into our number one resource? We loose our number one resource and we loose our very lives. Do you want quarantined and destroyed so the personal agenda asses can profit at your expense??? I do not!!!!

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