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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health care and Tort, views????

Health care,

..Another view. If a Doctor commits Mal-Practice and they are under law Suit, what should the Penalty be? I have a view on this. I feel that the structure or policy should reflect the Social Security Standard.

..I will give some basic reflection:...

.. A patient files a law suit, for millions, against a Doctor. This happens all the time. Why is it wrong? Equality! Where is equality the factor here? Social Security only pays 2/3 of a persons work history average. If someone works for 1 year and then becomes disabled, here is a brief of what happens. Lets say they make $12,000 a year. That is $1,000 a month. Social Security then figures 2/3 of this monthly average. This would be $625.00 a month, as an average disability income. OK, another person makes $24,000 a year. The same steps are followed. They made $2,000 a month, so their 2/3 benefit of work history is, $1,250 a month. Monthly benefits are based on work history.

..If someone made $10,000, $20,000 and $30,000 in for 3 years work. Then the average of their work history would be. Add all 3 years together. That is $60,000 divided by three which is $20,000 as a work gross yearly work history. That is divided by 12 and that becomes the monthly benefit or monthly disability for that person. It is more involved than that, but that is a quick basic reflection of disability benefits.

..Why would someone be allowed millions for a Mal-Practice or Tort suit, if their monthly disability check would only be, $1,666.66, if they went on disability? If they return to work or are found to be able to return to work, the benefit would stop after a one year trial work period.

..I feel the Mal-Practice Insurance Company should only have to pay Social Security the benefit rate, the patient falls under based on Social Security Standards, and a monthly surcharge. If the patients remains disabled, they continue receiving a disability check. If they improve, an adjustment is facilitated. Mal-Practice and Torts are based on Displacement. Being displaced from work. Being displaced from a persons way of life. All ways of life fall within the Social Security Standards. I am not sure what the number is, but Social Security will only pay up to a maximum monthly amount. If you make $1,000,000.00 a year, you will not get 2/3 of $1,000,000.00 a year in disability income if you become disabled. In this, why should people get more from law suits than their individual disability standard allowance? They should not.

..Basically, law suits for Mal-Practice or Torts should be evaluated and managed by Social Security. That would stop fake suits, and reduce Health care costs. The number one cause of problems with your Doctor and your care, is you as the patient refuses to follow the Doctors orders in full or part. Then you as the patient blame your Doctor because insurance companies won't pay if we go, "Against Medical Advice", {or A.M.A.}. There are a varied levels of A.M.A.s' that we as patients exercise. Social Security is neutral. Their Doctors get a yearly paycheck. They don't get percentages or per patient paychecks or reimbursements. They don't have an Office and they don't see patients in their own Office setting. They don't have a private practice. They don't get more or less of an income based on their patient load or how a private practice works. They get paid the same, regardless if your are sick or healthy. They don't treat, anyone, they evaluate your Health care status as presented for a disability rating. That is all they do. They state, "You are disabled or your not disabled". That is all they do. I feel this Social Security Standard and Policy would stop a lot of the Medical System Abuse.

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