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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"National Review" Article from U.S. Senator Brownback and my response.

He wrote, "Don't Punish Seniors for Health-Care Reform." Click here for the article. When you read that article look in the last sentence. It has the word, "writing" in it. Click on it and read his article in the "National Review". I also sent them a letter. I will re-type it here.

To: National Review
215 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10016
Letter to the Editor

Sir/Ma'am, I want to first thank you for allowing me to contact you. I am an Uncontested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. I disagree with U.S. Senator Brownback on quite a few issues. I will address the Health care issue. I have found him, Senator Brownback, to be evasive on the issue. He speaks about it as a Candidate for Governor, yet he addresses it as a U.S. Senator. This leads me to believe he is wanting to become Governor for Personal Agenda. I will explain. I have been on Disability for Factor V Lieden since 1995. It is a Liver Disorder. I have Medicare, Medicaid and AARP-D. I am vary familiar with the rules and guidelines of these plans. In regards to Medicare, Health car providers either except assignment or they don't. Lets say a Doctor doe's. If the regular bill or service price is $125.00 then on assignment the maximum the Doctor can bill is $100.00. This sounds OK so far. The State cannot also force the Doctor to take over an average of 10 patients/clients because of the assignment contract with its payment reimbursement schedule. Every 3 months Medicare in the State, I live in Kansas, offers a "Buy Out" on what is owed on the assignment contracts to the Health care providers. The providers are paid about half of the contracted amount. They receive $50.00 on the contracted $100.00 assignment schedule. The other $50.00 is the important part. The State re-appropriates that $50.00 into a fund. Where did this Medicare money come from to begin with? The Federal Government. The States show the "NEEDS" for assingment and give a detailed report when asking Medicare Dollars to be given to the States to State Manage the assingment contracts. These funds cannot go towards any State Budget Matter. If the State returns the $50.00 back to the Federal Government, it shows they asked for to much to begin with and the Federal Government will deny any future unjustified amounts. The State cannot put this money into the State Budget, they cannot pay it back to the Federal Government. They then use it for "Personal Agenda Projects". This a "Pyramid Scheme". Under equality, the Private Insurance Companies can demand they get the same reimbursment schedule. They would get the exact same percentage of "Buy Out" that Medicare was allowed to pay through the State. The State paid half on assingment. $50.00 on a $100.00 debt. The Private Insurance Company will now only pay half, or $62.50 on a $125.00 debt. To counter this, Medical Providers increase their service fees. They increase it to a level that will reimburse them at the level originaly contracted. To get the $100.00 assingment payment, the provider now starts at $250.00 with assingment coming in at $200.00 with a "Buy Out" of $100.00. That's OK for the Doctor. Where it is bad for the patient, client? Insurance rates go up when the amount paid goes up. When the base rate for services doubles, so doe's the premiums for insurance. So do the co-pays. The State doesn't complain because they get $100.00 in "Buy Out" funds instead of $50.00. Figure this into how many people are insured in Kansas. Kansas has a population of 2,688,418 people. In America 47 million of the 300 million people are uninsured. 16% of the Nation is uninsured. The 84% of the insured see an increase in their premiums every month because of this "Pyramid Scheme". That is an average of 1,911,267.92 people insured in Kansas. If their premiums go up $10.00 a month, that would be $19,112,679.20 a month. Take that times 12 months. That is $229,352,150.40 a year in $10.00 a month premium increases. If Doctors only except 10 patients each on assingment. This in theory is 10% of the insured. So the State gets how much in "Buy Out"? 268,841.80 thousand people are on Medicare in Kansas. On the 3 month scheduled, "Buy Outs" the State steals, $13,497,095.00 every 3 months. That times 4, "Buy Outs", a year is, $53,888,380.00 a year. That is just Kansas. Kansas has to except the Federal Medicare Rules, just like the other 49 States. An average quick guestimate for all 50 States is, $53,888,380.00 times 50 States. That is $2,699,969,000.00 a year average in stolen Medicare Federal Funds for Personal Agendas! U.S. Senator Brownback has been involved in this since day one when he joined the U.S. Senate. All these politicians are doing is changing Offices to keep the thefts going. If the States would pay the Medical Providers what they contracted on assingment, the providers would be forced to lower their rates back to the original rates, this would lower premiums and allow more people to get insurance. It would return the average, $2,699,969,000.00 back into the Federal Budget. I have many views on how to return the Government back to its people. I decided to run for Governor in Kansas to put these things into motion. U.S. Senator Brownback, in my opinion, lies by withholding information and twisting it for his personal gain. I don't solely blame him. I feel making Governor in Kansas will be a big start. H.H.S. Sebelius was the Insurance Commissioner turned Governor through all this. She is now H.H.S. and will try to protect this "Pyramid Scheme". When elected I will expose it and ask for a R.I.C.O. Acts review. The people of America deserve better. They deserve the truth. Also refer to www.medicare.gov Thanks again for allowing me to address my opinions on this matter. Herbert West 3rd, Uncontested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

August 12th, 2009.

..Update. Read the Health care Bill, H.R. 3200 It is the Bill, for Health care, everyone is in town hall meetings over.

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