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Friday, August 28, 2009

Internal Marshal Law a strong possibility.

..What is the difference between Internal and External Marshal Law? Internal starts and involves the Internal mechanisms. External involves where these mechanisms function out of the Office or where it involves the Outside world inside the Office. When I make Governor, I will declare "Res Specie" "Internal Marshal Law". That is, "Thing Specific", Marshal Law. Under States of Emergency Governors can declare Marshal Law. I plan on doing this and conducting an audit of Miami County and its illegal activity that the current State Government excepts bribes on and refuses to stop. Under the R.I.C.O. Acts, I can audit back 20 years. Governor Parkinson is not allowed to do this. He would be committing Racketeering and Extortion under the "S.L.A.A.P." provisions. That is "Strategic Law Suit Against Public Participation".
..I will conduct an audit in every county I find corrupt. Miami County steals and launders Federal and State Bond money without interruption. They steal local tax money and refuse to answer to the citizens of Miami County. They intimidate and extort the residents here. I have tried to prove the issue and the State looks the other way. That will end when you vote for me in Nov 2010. I will recover the stolen State and Federal Tax Revenue and I will demand accountability by incarceration of all those committing acts of Tyranny, and Terrorism that the State has thus far refused to investigate or stop. The Sheriff here runs Illegal Raffles, which by Kansas Law become Lottery's.
Kansas Lottery
..and the
Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
..allow him to conduct Illegal Lottery's in this County. They allow gambling machines to be in this county.

..I don't blame the residents, I blame the "so-called" Government. They lied to get into Office and then they lie to stay there. I am sorry that we have to wait until January 2011 before I can have the authority to activate Marshal Law to fix these corrupt matters. I have shown where this bond money comes from and how it was Illegally Collected. Read up on my Health care article/post.
Check out $3,000,000.00 in fines owed. http://kansasgovernorcandidateissues.blogspot.com/2009/08/300000000-in-fines-owed.html
How about, "National Review" Article from U.S. Senator Brownback and my response.
..I need your vote to be able to expose this corrupttion and fix its damage. Thanks, I will keep you all updated.

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