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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need to clarify a e-mail I sent to the Media.

..I know there is a chance the Media will either publish or comment on an e-mail I sent them. I wanted to clarify what I said and what I meant the contents to mean.

..I have a major problem with how Sheriff Kelly in Miami County Kansas breaks the Law and he seems to fall under the radar. I have filed and filed and they keep letting him slide through. The e-mail I sent to the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission was in regards to Sheriff Kelly, a Knights of Columbus Member, is running an illegal raffle in Miami County. he has done this for years. Here is what he does.

..The "Knights of Columbus, Council #1149" and his self set up the following.

..K of C Calendar Cash Giveaway Rules.
..1. A total of $15,000 will be given away between 1/1/09 and 12/31/09.
..2. To be eligible for the drawings, a person must purchase at least 1 calendar for $30.00, fill out the drawing receipt and return it to a member of the K of C Council #1149.
..3. Each entry will be eligible for every drawing throughout the year, no matter how many times it may be drawn as a winner.
..4. Eight tickets for the following month will be drawn at each council meeting in full view of the membership and mailed in a timely manner. The order in which the ticket is drawn determines the pay date amount.
..5. Payment will be made via check and mailed to each winner through U.S. Postal mail service.
..6. Questions concerning the drawing can be directed to David Moll 1-913-294-5388.
..7. The Knights of Columbus Council #1149 or any affiliate of the council is not responsible for any taxes the winner of the drawing may incur. It is the sole responsibility of each winner to claim any taxes they feel are due.

..There are 104 drawings scheduled. That is 104 ILLEGAL drawings. Why?? They force a payment for the "Raffle Drawing Receipt". By Kansas Law it is Illegal to force a payment to participate in a Raffle or Drawing for any prize. Also, the prize cannot exceed $500.00 by Kansas Law. If it doe's the Raffle, Drawing outfit must have a Federal Tax Id Number and they must disclose this to the participants. They must also collect any and all taxes from the winner for a prize over $500.00 before they give them the prize. This "Raffle, Drawing" is a Progressive Drawing. It is attached to $15,000.00. Sheriff Kelly did this last year also. He received contributions from last years "Raffle Drawing" for his re-election bid. He broke the Law campaigning last year. He had to break the Law to beat me. I had to follow the Law.

..What do the people doing this and blocking the investigation have in common??
..1. Kelly is a Member of the K of C Council #1149. The K of C was founded in 1882 by the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut.
..2. Kelly tells the Holy Trinity Church he is Catholic because the origin and partnership with the K of C is Catholic. He only goes to church during elections when he is up for re-election.
..3.I did state, which I will elaborate below, that the Catholic Church is wrong. Basically, people allow titles to give permission and blessings in breaking the law and breaching morals. I as a Baptist, would be held accountable if I were to run an Illegal Raffle. Yet, he as a Catholic is allowed. He gives the Illegal money the church, and its charities. He launders a portion to gain support for the entire level of illegal activity. The K.R.G.C. refuse to investigate.
..4.I won't harp heavy on priest molesting choir boys. This happens in all church settings and religious entities. My statement that people should boycott the Catholic Church and the K of C was made because I see discrimination and bigotry in his actions and their approval of his tyranny. I see the causing bigotry by pointing the finger at others who break the Law, through him as Sheriff, because they are not Catholic. They received funds from his K of C Council #1149 to re-elect him to keep the illegal funds flowing and to protect Catholics from investigations, or arrests. Titles are a form of bigotry. The State of Kansas is supposed to function under, "Separation of Church and State". This doesn't happen. I refuse to lie to people and Ty to fake becoming Catholic to get votes. I am not asking for votes as a Baptist. I am not asking for votes because I am a Democrat. I don't believe in 100% titles and stereotypical allow abilities. I believe in issues and views. I don't believe in titles and stereotypes. That is what has screwed us up thus far. "Vote for me I am Catholic". Vote for me I am a Republican". Vote for me I am female". Vote for me I am Black". I believe in vote for me, "I am on top of the issues and I will keep you posted and and use your voice and views to secure the issues for the better of the Majority".

..I don't hate Catholics. I did classify them all as the same. I hope they take the time to read why. I hope they see where I see him breaking the integrity of being Catholic. I hope they see he is trying to define what a Catholic is and does. I hope they look at how people view them, based on actions like his. I hope they realize people get tired of catch phrases like, "I am Catholic, I am allowed". "I am a Republican I am allowed". "I am a Cop, I am allowed". "I am a man, I am allowed". No one is allowed any stereotypical advantages above others. That breeches Democracy. Females don't have to bow to males. Blacks don't have to bow to whites. Catholics don't have to bow to the Jewish. Citizens don't have to bow to Cops. Bowing to titles is stupid, weak and pathetic. Respecting the person and their integrity while they use their entitlement of title as earned and granted, is allowed and should be respected. I am very aware that it is rare for anyone who holds a title to even mention it. Most who cram a title down your throat did not earn the title they are disgracing. In a Democracy we have the right and freedom to tell them so. I again, hope anyone who is Catholic can look at the topic, the content and why I am trying to get them to see what Sheriff Kelly and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission is doing. They are abusing titles and forcing stereotypes to hide behind terrorising us in Kansas. Please contact the K.R.G.C. and demand an investigation. they are at, http://www.ksracing.org/ The Administrator is Steven Martino. The Legal Division, is Patrick Martin. He is also an Assistant Attorney General. The phone number is 1-785-296-5800. There fax is 1-785-296-0900. Their e-mail is krgc@krgc.ks.org . Sheriff Kelly is at 1-913-294-4444 or see him at miamicountyks.org under the Sheriff Icon.

..K.S.A. 74-8718 was brought to my attention by the Kansas Lottery. They told me anytime "1 cent is demanded for a Raffle Ticket/Drawing" it becomes an unlawful Lottery! The first violation is a Class A non-person misdemeanor. The second or subsequent offenses, are a Severity Level 9 non-person Felony. He committed 1 Class A non-person misdemeanor then he committed 35 Severity Level 9 non-person Felony's if he followed the Drawing schedule this year thus far. This being August 22nd, 2009. The next drawing is Aug 23rd, 2009. Of course the penalties are based on convictions. He is not even being investigated. That is what is disturbing! I was told of the Lottery K.S.A. by Steven Durrell. He is an Assistant Attorney General with the Kansas Lottery. The Kansas Lottery website is, www.kslottery.com .

..Look up K.S.A. 74-8718 at www.kansas.gov or http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-legisportal/index.do
then click onto the statutes icon. Then type in 74-8718 in the statute number window. You can then read the statute. Also look up things under the keyword window there.

..Again, I don't hate an entire group. I only wanted the Catholics to read what I felt and that I feel he is defining them as a stereotypical group of thieves. I hope they realize I don't feel they are and entire group of thieves. I only want them to see what I see. Thanks, Herbert West III, Uncontested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

..P.S. Please scroll down this list of posts here and read "Party VS. Issues when communicating and Voting". Go go to www.cjonline.com and read the article and my comment there. Or click here, http://www.cjonline.com/opinion/2009-08-14/column_democrats_off_course The comment is titled, "Titles VS. Issues". It takes a while for the link to open, please be patient. Thanks again, Herbert West III.

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