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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brownback wants receipt's for Kansas????

He wants to expand Agriculture and expand the populous of Kansas all at once? How??? If the farms take over all the available land and are turned into farms, where are the new populous going to build houses and how are cities going to expand? I agree, farmers are extremely important. Brownback just cannot promise two groups of people the same promise! Farmers deserve what they have. So do city people. Brownback cannot promise more farm land to farmers and then also give it to city folks! He speaks of revenue. He helped create huge tax abatement's for companies and then punishes everyone else in Kansas to pay for his stupid votes and mistakes at the Congress Level. He promotes lies. What do I propose?

..1. A "Compact Board or Commission".

What is a "Compact Board or Commission?"

..It will be a "Board or Commission" that I as Governor will appoint people to sit on that regulates and watches City and County Compacts. Compacts are agreements between Cities and Counties. They are primarily City to County, City to City, County to County etc:.. They involve the shared expense and benefit of sharing resources for a specific goal. I feel that each County should have to pay a fee, as well as every City, that wants to enter into a Compact with another City or County. In this, the Board or Commission grants a 1 year License to review the attempts for Cities and Counties to form Compact Agreements. This also helps the State regulate what is Legal and Illegal. If a Class 1 city cannot partake in a "Compact Item" do to the City Classification, then "NO" Class 1 city in Kansas will either. I am tired of all these buddy deals and personal agenda with zero Governance or Accountability. The matter is not money directly. It is a matter of the mismanagement of the money. Wants being utilized and sacrificing needs in the process.

..It will involve "Permits". These permits will be 1 of 2 types under permissiveness. 1. Permitted, allowed. 2. Not Permitted, Not Allowed. Plain and simple. Every Compact attempt or request will go through this Board or Commission for Licensed approval. This facilitates a checks and balance. It facilitates a Democracy. The Board or Commission will also advise Cities, Counties and others attempting to form Compacts, what is required and Legal within the Compact Request as attempted by the License Holder/Holders.

..If the entity, agency is from out of State, they must pay a the fee and gain a "Compact Board or Commission State of Kansas License" to attempt to form Compacts in Kansas. The Cities and Counties will have to have a Kansas State License to attempt to Compact out of State also. Again, I am tired of the same Classification of Cities in Kansas functioning 100% different than the other Cities with same Classification.

..I am also looking at dissolving/repealing K.S.A. 12-2630. It allows the counties of Douglas, Wyandotte, Johnson, Leavenworth and Miami to combine their Municipal Insurance Bonds and transport them out of State. The problem is, is that when there is an "ILL" element. The State with the more stringent policy keeps the money or Bond. If Kansas is found to be "ILL" in the Bond, the other State keeps the money and doesn't owe Kansas. That is a stupid K.S.A. and it needs dissolved or repealed!

..Brownback and Roberts both support "Outsourcing of jobs and resources". They also support, "Insourcing" of Labor from out of State Companies which lays off local workers. We need local jobs. Local being jobs here in Kansas. Local means here in the counties and cities where we live.

..I still do not feel we "NEED" a Bio-Lab! I keep hearing that we need a Bio-Lab because of all these Ag diseases. Were do they test for these diseases now? We have 6 level 4 facilities in the United States now. I don't feel the "WANT" to spend $500 Million is necessary or an acceptable use of our resources. Kids are being "Laid Off" from School" so Brownback and his idiot followers can build a $500 Million "WANT TOY". Lynn Jenkins stated, "Kansas has a balanced budget when she ran for office". 3 months after she inaugurated, we went $250 Million in debt and was told it would reach $1 Billion within a year. She lied and still lies. These things have to stop!!!!!!

..Thornburgh is in charge of the Elections Board and the Business registry as well as the Governments Registrars Office. Please look around and see what they are doing. They are just trading jobs. They are still conspiring to steal from us.

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