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Thursday, September 10, 2009

WIBW13 Television Interview.

I was interviewed on Monday September 7th, 2009 at the WIBW13 Television Studio. It went well. You can see it at..


You can also read a response I received at..


I really hope people watch and read these interviews and comment about them. I hope people take the time to read my website here. It is for their own benefit. I hope they share the information with everyone they know. Thanks again to WIBW13 for airing my interview.

..September 11th, 2009. {{UPDATE}}.

..I noticed that the interview above shuts off and the end looks as if I have a concern with the Shawnee County Sheriff or the Shawnee County Sheriffs' Office. I do not! I was giving a comparison between Shawnee County and Wyandotte County. The Law states, "To recall an elected Official in Kansas, a petition must be filed. Step 1 is 3 people file a petition to the County Clerk for the District Attorney to review. If they agree, then the 3 petition electors then must get 40% of the previous elections electoral vote signatures. Then a "Special Election" is held and people are asked, "Do you want the Elected Person Replaced by Recalling your Vote?"

..Then if the citizens say yes in the "Special Election", the party that the elected official belonged to when they ran in the election, will nominate a person to replace them. Well in Wyandotte County Kansas, they refuse to allow a party declaration to be used. So when an elected official is removed, there is not a party to recommend a nomination to the Governor for appointment. State Senator Steineger helped set this up and wants to set this into motion state wide with the 13 colonies or territories. I compared Shawnee County to Wyandotte County and the tape, do to time restraints, got cut short. I was only comparing a County that follows the Law, "Shawnee County", and a County that breaks the Law, "Wyandotte County". I hope this clears up the end of the interview. So far Marques doesn't feel the need to clarify the end of the interview. I called Under-Sheriff Holliday and explained what happened to him. He stated, "He understood what I meant and thanked me for clarifying what happened". He seems like a nice guy. The KSA for recall petitions in Kansas is, K.S.A. 25-4318. It can be read at http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-statutes/index.do
Then type in 25-4318 in the Statute Window. I hope this clears up the end of the interview that seems misleading to me. Marques White told me he doesn't feel a need to clarify anything. He doesn't feel people felt there was a misunderstanding and he doesn't feel a clarification is necessary. I felt that I needed to clarify. Thanks,

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