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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Public Housing, Section 8, manipulated thefts and tyranny.

..Used to, people were placed on a waiting list for Housing Assistance and Section 8. Usually they receive Social Security etc:.. The facilities look at your Social Security Income and then they figure a sliding scale. These people pay a portion for the months rent and the Federal Government pays the rest, of the rent, up to the full rent per month. Sounds OK, except, Displaced People move to the top of the waiting list. People who are laid off are considered Displaced. They get moved to the top of the list. In this they make more on Unemployment than people on disability. This cost the Federal Government less in paying the difference in the rent. Then they try to force those on Disability into group homes and nursing homes. These group homes and nursing homes get $4,000 a month, per resident, and they get all of your Social Security Check. When these manipulated funds are paid back to the Federal Government they use it as they feel. It is no longer used for Social Security or its intended Justified Budget use.

..Just a thought. I am tired of manipulated "White Washed, Thefts".
..Look up:..


..If they can manipulate it to break it, they can fix it. They don't care enough to stop stealing. They refuse to admit their thefts. They are hoping you give them more money to steal. Refuse to be taken advantage, demand accountability.


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