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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I see bigot's, please advise.

**September 23rd, 2009.**

..I got suckered. I was told that my landlord removed my capacity to pay rent at the bank, like I have done for about 3 of the last 5 years. Now I am supposed to sign an agreement that I pay his son and his son will forward the money into his fathers account. If his dad gets upset the rent will be refused, "without cause". The landlord wants to break the agreement and cancel Cable and other services in the agreement, and demand the rent anyways. I keep hearing multiple explanations as to why. I filed on a Catholic in Topeka, the Landlord doesn't have to give reason for unlawful eviction, I don't have rights, the landlord does. I have never missed a rent payment, in 5 years. I pay 15% of my income extra to settle a loan with him. By Law I don't have to pay him, and never have had too. Disability cannot be garnished! See SSR 79-4
I was further told by the Miami County Attorney, all this is Civil. I asked about Larceny and was told to read K.S.A. 21-3701. I did that. I guess, so you know, I will be living in my Van as of October 3rd, 2009. I will have that months disability to survive on. I will lose my phone, computer, record collection, TV, stereo, truck, cat, shotgun, microwave, refrigerator, clothes, bed, dresser, etc:.. All this because I am baptist. My landlord wants Brownback, who is Catholic, to win the election. He doesn't want you, the resident of Kansas to decide. He wants Sheriff Kelly to keep breaking the Law because he is Catholic. 5 years with zero complaints and I am evicted. I have Cancer and decided to try to make Governor to remove corruption, like Brownback. Now I will be homeless so Brownback can screw you over some more. I cannot imagine running a Campaign from my Van, which would be my home and Office. I cannot imagine people wanting to talk to me while I am sleeping in a Van. I keep hearing, "They cannot buck their dad". I take that as a sign of bigotry. Why?? Al Massoth calls blacks niggers to their face in Paola. He calls women Tramps. I have been told he is allowed because he is 86. So I ask? At what age is anyone allowed to be a bigot? When can I call people names because I am to damn old to be knocked out? What age am I untouchable? I am 42, and will be 43 this month. I don't hit older people. I just have to put up with a bigot who is 86. I am not sure how this will evolve. I am upset that corruption and bigots will prevail. I am pissed off about how I was used. Look below, all that is true, as to what I have done for 5 years here. I cannot get any legal action because the Miami County Government are bigots. I could file all day long. The Courts just don't care. They want Kelly to continue in illegal gambling. I hate bigotry and discrimination. They love lying to people and stealing their property, through, Larceny. I don't want to stay here, I just don't have a choice. I don't want to be homeless. It just beats Prison. I could take out quite a few bigots in the county. I just don't want to be in Prison. I don't want to ramble, I just felt you might like to know whats going on when the bigots decide the election and why I might have to walk away. I don't hate you, the Kansas Resident, I hate the bigots and co dependants of fools here in Miami County Kansas. I have said it before, "I will die a human being before I bow and live the life of the acceptable Slave, Guaranteed". I believe in the place of waiting when we die. I also believe we remain human as a spirit until atonement within the eyes of God. I cannot be killed there. There will be no rules there. No one can stop me from expressing myself to others who have fallen, will fall and will fall behind me. I will be told, by those already there, what they saw. I believe they watch over us as Guardian Angels and Messengers. I don't see them now or hear them, but I know they are there. Why? My grandmother. I didn't used to believe in God 100%. She set me straight with words and wisdom. I had hidden a playboy in the guest bedroom that I stayed in when I lived with her as a 15 and 16 year old. She found it and told me it is better to keep my mouth shut, live and let her think I was crazy than to open it and removal all doubt. Then she calmed down and stated, "It is better to live my life properly and with less turmoil and grief and die, and find out there is not a God, than it is to live my life full of sin and grief and die, just to find out there is a God and I am not allowed". At least I would have had a proper life without grief and trouble. She further explained she was not more religious than any other and she wasn't trying to play God, she just wanted me to remember him. I think she was trying to break the pattern of my Dad, her son. He had raped me and was sexually abusive. She wanted to break the pattern the best she could. She took me in and I went against her house rule, on pornography in the house. I stayed about 2 months longer and moved out when I was almost 17. I was not allowed to see her when I was growing up because she and my dad did not get along. I am 42, she died of a stroke about 6 years after I moved out. I don't really know my grandmother, but her message keeps me out of trouble everyday. I cannot get her words and message out of my head. That is not a bad thing. It has kept me out of alot of trouble. It just sets me off when bigots put me down for being Baptist. I take it as being disrespectful to my grandmother. I know my bigot landlord doesn't care. He has confession to go to. He can ask a Mortal man for forgiveness for screwing me over. He can "Honor a God before Thee". Not me, I don't believe in Mortal Salvation, I believe in Spiritual Atonement to 1 God and 1 God only. I never questioned my landlords religion or his religious ways. Yet he feels he controls mine. He is wrong, he is not God, God is God, "PERIOD". I will keep you posted until the crap hits. Thanks,

**UPDATE** September 19th, 2009.

..I am not being evicted. I worked out the situation with my landlords son. I am transferring my debt to them and paying them back. I am receiving a written agreement that supersedes the current rent agreement. They, as durable power of attorney, are superseding the situation. I am still upset about the situation, but I am not evicted. I know that the situation looked bad and people will perceive different opinions about this situation. No excuses, my life is an open book. I hope people see that I am truly blue collar and human. I hope they see that I utilize the resources I have and stand by the values I believe in. I would be a liar if I did not update you or tell you the truth. Politicians lie all the time. They don't deal with their problems. They bill us and sacrifice our rights and resources in dealing with their own problems. I am still in the race and will be swinging at winning the Governor's race. Please look at this open minded and lets work through this. You don't have to fear me not being able to function. How would you have handled the situation if you was in the same situation, with the same resources or lack of them. Please remember that. I am closer to you than a lying thief politician. I hope you can remember that and work with me to stop the problems and games. I am still pushing for an investigation into Sheriff Kelly, Amy Winterscheid and the Illegal Gambling in Miami County Kansas.

..This will be longer post and it gets a little wordy. I feel people have the right to know what is going on in my personal life. A while back I filed complaints on Sheriff Kelly. I filed on Amy Winterscheid also. What they have in common is that they are both Catholic. They both attend my landlords church. They both take bribes from Gary Pattilo and both conduct Illegal Gambling in Miami County where I live. My landlord got upset because I filed complaints on them and is throwing me out of where I live. Why? I am a "SPIC" and I am Baptist, not Catholic. He feels blacks are Niggers and Indians and Mexicans are "SPICS". I have been told he is allowed to call us this because of his age. I found out today, I am restricted from paying rent into the bank. His son, wants me to accept, "Extortive Garnishment". I am now required, after 3 years to sign a document that will allow him to manipulate the law and try to break the law. Social Security told me that "SSR 79-4" doesn't allow garnishment of Social Security. I am paying 15% of my disability towards my debt. The law is 5%. By law, he cannot even force that. Now that he blocked my ability to pay rent, I Will be homeless at the end of September, 2009. He is committing hate crimes. He also feels Brownback is special because he is Catholic. So, I am being evicted for being a "SPIC BAPTIST"? Please remember that, when the Catholic Church needs help. Please remember bigot's feel they will decide this election. I will be trying to stabilize my meds, health care, and my campaign. It will be hard to run for office living in my van, but I will try to stay in the race. Miami County is allowed to break the law because they bribe the Kansas Gaming and Racing Commission. They bribe alot of people. That is why my bigot landlord wants me gone. Because I expose the bigot's and the corruption. I am not signing my disability over to any one, PERIOD!!!!!!! I am not liquidating my life and bowing to bigot's. I have never lied to any of you. I am not starting now. They want to break me down and try to falsify I cannot handle my life, let alone others lives. They feel they can maneuver within different rules and break the law. I have said from day one, I am a neighbor. I am not ashamed of asking for help. Campaigns are a 2 way street. Consider helping me if you can. That keeps your options open. My landlord is Al Massoth. He is a 86 year old bigot. His son is Richard Massoth, he pampers his daddy and is the one facilitating my becoming homeless. I am American Indian by blood. I am considered beneath their bigot honky lives. They are allowed. Bullshit!!!!! Yea, I am on 100% disability, trying to help stop bigots and corruption. Soon I will be homeless. Fuck em!!!!!!!! I can forward their phone numbers if you choose to ask them why they as honky's are so much better than niggers and spics.

..For the record I have not been late or missed one rent payment in 5 years!!! I have not missed 1 payment on my personal loan from him either, in 5 years. I pay him $150.00 a month towards the personal loan and $220.00 a month for rent. I fixed all 3 of his cars for free, over the last 5 years. I overhauled his truck engine for free. I painted rooms in his house for free. I mow the grass and have, for 5 years, free. I drove him to doctors appointments all over the state for the last, 5 years. I cut and split wood for free, here for, 5 years. I evicted people from this house for refusing to pay rent and destroying his property, for the last 5 years. I have had mutual power of attorney of this property and his safety for the last 4 years. I have fixed his antique tractor numerous times for free. I have disked and cut his pastures for free, for the last 5 years. I have done background checks on tenants who move in here, for free, over the last 5 years. He received a ticket and was charged with, 1. No proof of Insurance. 2. Inattentive Driver 3. Unlawful Left Hand Turn. Resulting in an accident. I worked with his daughter in law and got it reduced to "ONE" charge. I helped show he had insurance, he just had the expired card in his car. Charge 1 and 2 was considered double jeopardy, and I proved that to her. The Police agreed and dropped "ONE" of those charges, and let him pay the 1 remaining charge without going to Court. I have fixed his plumbing, rebuilt toilets, shower drains, laid carpet, and hauled off trash from here, for free over 5 years. I have driven to the salvage yard to get parts to fix his cars for, free for 5 years. When his brother died I spent numerous days cleaning his apartment out and helped move the estate property for him. I helped find and facilitate the WILL discovery. I did the research tracking down all those involved in his brothers WILL, for free. I found him 2 cars he bought, for free. I found him a Taurus LX V6 SHO for $500.00. I found him a Taurus LX for $1,400.00 and rebuilt what was needed on both, for free. I picked up and spread driveway gravel, 3 times, for free. I rebuilt his fire barrels for winter. Overhauled the sump pump set up in the basement, and did flood recover a couple of times to remove water from the basement. I rebuilt the floor under one of the toilets. Hung up new light fixtures. Rehung and trimmed doors. Fixed hardwood floors. Set up his computer system. Helped him find a buyer for his antique truck's. Am I pissed? Oh yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

..I feel "Hardship Displaced". I was legally able to do all these things for free without it messing with my disability because he did not pay me and I benefited somewhat from these things. I borrowed his truck for awhile. He charged me $70.00 a month and I had to pay for any fuel I used. Sounds OK, except others used it and paid the same rate under the same deal, and did none of the work above. Then he did buy a torque wrench from a pawn shop when I fixed his truck. It was a $400.00 wrench. He told me to keep it after I rebuilt his truck engine. Then he had let a drug addict buddy of a tenant living here steal it from the kitchen and pay him the $10.00 he had paid for it. Yea, I have been cornered for awhile now. Al's kids refuse to intervene properly because, "They respect their father". SHIT!!!!!!!!!

I have since filed complaints with the Kansas Human Rights Commission and received Docket No. H1362-10 and my complaint is in the Investigation stage.

**Update** October 31, 2009.

..Collateral Bigotry? I have yet to see an investigation into my complaints on the Illegal Gambling in Topeka, Miami County etc:.. I am being retaliated against by my bigot landlord for filing on the people who conduct the Illegal Gambling, but the original filing is being stalled so the bigots can prevail. Certain groups are allowed to conduct raffles in Kansas where the Law reads, "No one" can conduct raffles in Kansas. Sheriff Barta refuses to follow the law equally for the citizens of Shawnee County. He functions under the "Honky, Mormon, Catholic, Bigot" policy. Alot of cities and counties are setting 2 sets of rules. "Honky, Catholic, Mormon". and "Nigger, Spic, everyone else". I am still pissed off that they feel they can conduct actions againt me that substantiates what they feel about me. Please elect a different Sheriff into Shawnee County. Please elect a new Sheriff into Miami County. Please elect people who believe in equality and refuse to only view skin color when they function as elected. Alot of bigots can be removed in the upcoming election cycles. Take the time to remove bigots. Educate yourselves remove bigots!!!!!

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