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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bio Lab????

..Why?? The food we buy and consume in Kansas and the entire nation is safe. The current facility's are doing their job. The best way to explain this is by example. Why spend $350,000.00 for a new house when they can remodel the one they have for about $10,000.00. Why should, we the Kansas Residents, pay the match or $225,000,000.00 for a Bio Lab that allegedly benefits all the 50 States? Why be concerned? The other 49 States are not paying 1 penny for this Bio Lab. Just like the Holcomb Power Plant project, we in Kansas foot the bill and the other 49 States benefit for free. Who ever is doing the testing now should receive the Federal Funds and add an Office or some more equipment. Look at Kansas University Hospital. New Medical Technology comes in all the time. Are they willing to shut down an entire Hospital and allow another company to build a $450,000,000.00 Hospital that is identical the theirs other than a 1% to 5% difference? NO!!! Hospitals add wings, labs add space. We should not be billed the $225,000,000.00 for a Topeka Personal Agenda Pet Project!! Right now we have lost $140,000,000.00 from our tax resources or the States General Fund, for this Bio Lab. The Federal Government has only set aside $36,000,000.00 in "MATCHING FUNDS". Matching is equal!! When and if the Federal Government finally does match the $225,000,000.00 responsibility, where are we going to get the difference, we as a State will owe? Subtract the $140,000,000.00 they have set aside for the $450,000,000.00 Bio Lab. That is $85,000,000.00 more we will be expected to come up with. Look at the current daily situation and sacrifices you have made so far. Imagine that you are about to have to make another sacrifice in the amount of a little over half of what you are going through now. If 100 people are laid off right now, 50 more will be laid off of soon. For every $100.00 withheld from your child's education now, will be $50.00 more next year. For every $1.00 in sacrifice and theft by the Legislation has stolen we are going to be expected to pay another half or greater. Candidate Brownback will protect this theft and personal agenda. So will Senator Steineger. If and when elected I can and will look into the theft and will do what is needed to investigate and remove the tyrants who are stealing our rights. resources and futures. I refuse to sit back and watch us, as 1 State, fund anything for the other States benefit with zero benefit to us as a State. It has been said, "This Bio Lab will infuse $3.9 Billion into the Kansas economy". Do you think that the other 49 States will allow $3.9 Billion to infuse into Kansas and they still have to struggle with the recession?? Please!!! They also state, "$30,000,000.00 a year in revenue for 300 new jobs will be created. That is 300 people receiving $100,000.00 a year. That is $30,000,000.00 leaving the Bio Lab World from the other 49 States economy. Who will run those Labs when those employees leave to come to Kansas? Look at the projects that the State is so proud of. Village West, Schlitterbahn Water Park. 100% of the work force to build both was employed from out of State. Not 1 construction worker paid Kansas Income Tax.

..What funded these projects? Theft!!! When Sebelius was Insurance Commissioner she allowed the Nursing homes in Kansas to declare 100 to 200 more people a month than they actually had. This money went to the Corporate Office of these Nursing homes in Tennessee. You figure that each person in a Nursing home costs the State $4,000.00 a month times, the 100 to 200 people that do not exist. This money is returned as "STAR BONDS"!!!! In my "Kansas bite's" blog I posted this on Saturday December 17th 2005. This has to stop. We need to look at our current sacrifices and look at what they will expect next year. Enough is enough! They cannot justify the current thefts and mismanagement. Sebelius protected herself when she went from Insurance Commissioner to Governor, She now, protects herself as the HHS. Brownback will try her tactics to protect and cover up his thefts and mismanagement. Please don't vote for a politician who will only protect and further their thefts and disregard for us, the Kansans'. The Democratic Chairman is thinking about running for Governor. Kenny Johnston is refusing any and all communication with me, as a Democratic Candidate. He is pro theft and tyranny. Stop "PUTSCH", consider voting for me. I will help deliver your wishes into Topeka. I will be available to you. I will not block you from your Government or its resources. That is typical, terrorist, tyranny. I am not typical. I have no personal agenda to protect. I have no thefts to hide. I don't have any Kansas Resident on my list to steal from. I don't have a theft list. Look at the track records of the current politicians and think for yourselves.

..July 25th,2009. Update!!!!
..I went to www.genomeweb.com and read the article, "DHS Taps Kansas for $450M NBAF Site; Officials Cite Incentives, Outreach for Win". The article states, "Kansas will receive an average of $1.5 million a year in State and Local sales tax". Holy Shit, it will take ""105"" to pay back the Kansas Tax payer!!! Divide $140,000,000.00 by $1.5 Million and you get the ""105"" years!!!! If we get $1 million a year, it would take 140 years. Another half million a year is 35 years. 140 years minus the 35 years is, "105 years"! If we see the income tax of the $30,000,000.00 in wages for the 300 employees, we will see 1/3 in income tax paid into the State. $10,000,000.00 a year. That will pay the $140,000,000.00 back in 14 years!!!! Holy Crap!!! The weird "BULL Crap", pardon for the pun, the current Lab was built in 1950 and they say it needs replaced because it is to old. It is 59 years old. That means the one they want to build here will last 59 years. It will take 105 years to pay it off. The income pays back the debt. We won't see a profit for an average of 14 to 105 years. Lets average the 2. 105 plus 14 is 119 years. Divide that by 2 and we get 59.5 years, before we see a "PROFIT"! The only people that will benefit are, Pharmaceutical Companies. Medication comes from Plants, Animal, Mineral, Elements, and Synthetic sources. This Bio Lab is nothing but a big ass Pharmaceutical Research Development Center. Oh Yea, the current Lab and Grounds is to small. It is 840 acres in size. An acre is 66 feet wide and 660 feet long. It is the same width of a NFL football field and 90 yards long. The Kansas Farmer, Rancher just lost 840 acres and they will loose more because the plan demands more acers. I oppose this "Bio Bull Shit"!!!! U.S. Senator Brownback will utilize the Governors seat to protect his personal agenda. Ever think about if the Defense Secretary gates from Wichita Ks is related to the Kansas State Democratic Party Chairman Gates who thought about running for Kansas Governor as a Democrat? What about the rush on "SWINE FLU"? What about Sebelius as the rushed H.H.S.? Lets stop this crap. Vote me in and I will stop the NBAF Plant. I will return the $140,000,000.00 back into the budget where it was appropriated for to begin with. Oh yea, again, the income tax will be paid into the states general fund. It will be available like any and all income tax revenue. The sales tax goes into the general fund also. The new money coming in doesn't exist, because it is not earmarked. We cannot balance a budget with the current resources now. We have to wait until they stop stealing and re-appropriating the $140,000,000.00 in debt as the sales tax and income tax comes in? They do the budget, they will withhold the money for general use and continue to screw us over.

...****UPDATE September 08, 2009****...

..Plum Island Animal Disease Center,

..**UPDATE**>> October 20, 2009. See my comment at http://cjonline.com/news/state/2009-10-20/senate_passes_nbaf_funding

..Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. twitter.com/HerbertIII west.herb@yahoo.com

**Update** Dec 25Th 2009.

I am interviewed in the 2Nd hour here.


**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:26 am.

How are they going to transport a Bio Hazard safely across the entire boundary of Kansas to get to a facility that will will cost $1 billion to secure these dangerous Bios? What about the other 50 states? They need $1 billion to build a level 4 facility to contain this crap, but can transport it by Train, Plane or Automobile like a bologna sandwich??? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

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