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Monday, July 13, 2009


I am extremely pleased to see the E.P.A. demanded accountability and refused to let Governor Parkinson break the Law and slide the Holcomb Plant through, illegally. I don't believe in "Wind Energy". I don't believe in the "Holcomb Coal Plant". What stops the wind generators from freezing in the winter? Where is the Holcomb Plant beneficial to Kansas? Its energy that it produces leaves the State. No one in Kansas will use the energy. We have to pay fees and fines for the Environmental Impact it will cause. Again, we don't benefit! 90% of the energy will go to other States. That bites. Think about it. We are only allowed to produce a maximum level of Negative Environmental Waste into the Ozone. If 90% of the energy this plant produces is going out of State, and we continue to grow and need more energy, where are we going to get this energy? We cannot build more power plants. We would exceed our allowed level of Environmental Compromise. 8 States have voiced concerns about the impact this plant has on their efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions into the ozone. I don't see the justification in wasting resources to battle this issue when it is openly obvious, it is not feasible! So far I agree with the Kansas Sierra Club and The Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy. I did develop a Power Plant on my own. I feel it has "ZERO" emissions. I sent the concept out and I did not get any bites. Basically, a huge paddle wheel would turn and a shaft would turn the generator. This generator would then give off energy. The paddle wheel is turned by boxes of goods sliding down slide and along the top of the paddle wheel. These boxes are merchandise being processed and shipped. Can goods etc:.. If the drive shaft gear is 1 foot tall and the paddle wheel is 10 feet tall the drive shaft would turn 10 times for every time the paddle wheel turns 1 time. The paddle wheel would set on the drive shaft gear and this shaft would go to a transmission. This would deliver extreme energy output and there is no engine burning coal or any other fuel. Thus, it gives off ZERO emissions. Either way, I don't believe in using our tax base and resources as a State to give away 90% to other States. This State is not for sale. I don't believe in G.E. General Electric being given the exclusive rights to any and all aspects of this State. Hospitals, railroad, wind energy, planes etc:.. If we can give away 90% of the energy, we can utilize 90% of the budget money it will take to build this plant and put that money back into our States Budget for its intended use, "US"! We have to make up the difference for any and all Tax Abatement's. How much of your money should go for other States and you are willing to pay into the State of Kansas to reimburse the States General Funds?? Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:44 am.

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**Update** February 10TH, 2011**

I have updated my design/concept. I have developed an, "Electro Magnet Timing Mechanism". Picture 2 foot diameter pipes turning against a 40 foot steel drum. These 2 foot pipes are covered everywhere except for small plate size spaces. These plates are pulled by, "Electro Magnets", when activated by a timing sensor mechanism. As these Electro Magnets pull the plate towards them, they turn the 2 foot pipe. This causes the 40 foot steel drum to turn. When these 2 foot pipes reach a certain point their sensors shut off the Electro Magnet and another Electro Magnet then activates and continues the spinning of 2 foot pipe, by pulling onto the exposed plate surface area. This is similar to a distributor cap type mechanism. I figure that there will be about 10 of these 2 foot diameter pipes spinning outside the 40 foot steel drum, synchronized to each other. As these 2 foot diameter pipes spin, by being pulled, it turns the 40 foot steel drum. This drum turns the shaft for the generator which in turn develops/produces electricity. A sensor cut off switch will be used on each electro magnet pick up. It will come on, pull the plate towards the Electro Magnet and shut off so the next Electro Magnet can continue spinning the pipe around the 40 foot steel drum. Consider this idea my original idea and consider it, "An Original Copyright (C) of Herbert West 3rd". I will be drawing up the design and submitting it to the Government. In 2006 America had 600 Power Plants. 1/2 were Coal Burning. I want to reduce the emissions and provide a cleaner safer alternative. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, "Electro Magnetic Power Plant", "An Original Copyright (C) of Herbert West 3rd".

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To elaborate, I am speaking of the Fire Door Electro Magnets that hold doors shut during a fire. These are activated by electricity. They release when the electricity is shut off. They pull the door shut when it is activated by electricity. I feel the spinning pipe on the side of the 40 foot barrel, could be pulled by magnets as they are timed and charged with electricity. This would cause the pipe to turn which turns the 40 foot barrel as it is attached to it by a ring gear. The pipe turns, and it spins the 40 foot barrel,which in turn is setting on a one foot gear. Every time the 40 foot barrel turns one time the one foot gear turns 40 times. That is what turns the transmission and the generator which then produces energy/electricity.

Depending on if the electricity is a positive or a negative charge these can also push each other away from each other. I have not given the complete design and the exact electrical design because that will vary from plant to plant and country to country. Not all country's use the exact same electrical systems. Example, an electric razor in America won't work in England. They use different conversion charges.

This gives off, "Zero Emissions". There is no fuel. No Coal, Natural Gas, Propane or Nuclear Energy used. The 10, "2" foot pipes turn as they are pulled by the timed Electro Magnet Plates, placed around the pipes. These plates receive electricity and they shut off so they no longer pull the pipe plates. As the plate reaches the Electro Magnet, the electricity shuts off and another Electro Magnet then receives electricity and continues to pull the pipe in a circle/rotation. The electricity is self generated by the Electro Magnet Power Plant. This concept reduces and eliminates Nuclear Power Plants and other forms of Power Plants. Coal, Natural Gas, Propane etc:.. This reduces Green House Gasses. I have e-mailed this article to, France, Japan, China, and America. As well as to CNN, and a variety of other media outlets. That facilitated a, "Poor Mans Copyright" and a "Poor Mans Apostile". There are 600 Power plants in America alone. If each was to pay the C.I.A. $one million each,that would generate $600 Million Dollars into the Energy World and it would reduce Green House gasses as well as reduce Nuclear Plants. That would reduce the threat of Nuclear Weapons and threats of Nuclear War. If this is done globally, each country would rely on themselves for energy and each country would be in accordance with the Nuclear Arms/Supply Reduction Treaty. The Coal would be returned into the ground and it would produce Crude Oil. that reduces the Oil Dependence needs. The Propane can be used elsewhere, as can the Natural Gas. This is a, "Win Win", situation. I am hoping to hear from the Energy World soon. My, "Poor Mans Copyright/Apostile", is valid for 28 years. Lets communicate. The C.I.A. could charge $1 million for a license to outfit the current power plants and they can do this globally. That is $600 million dollars into their budget just from America. They would control the recycling and the disposal of the current plant materials. Again, this reduces or eliminates Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons from Power Plant use. I will be e-mailing the C.I.A. and I hope the F.B.I. and others do the same.

Lets also look at safety here. This Power Plant can be underground. Yea, Tornado's won't be able to hit it if it is underground. It gives off, "ZERO EMISSIONS". terrorists won't know where these Power Plants are. It takes less acreage to accomplish the same goal.

Also, lets consider! If an underground oil well, in Texas has 1,000 gallons of "Crude Oil" in it. Then they drill down to this Crude Oil and pump out the Crude Oil. OK!! When they pump out all the crude oil it is then a, "DRY WELL". OK!! Why not put Crude Oil from other oil wells back into these, "DRY WELLS"? They a natural Crude Oil Well. I realize that these Oil Wells hold more than 1,000 gallons. They can handle the Crude Oil. It doesn't contaminate the earth. Oil came out. Oil is put back in. Off Shore crude oil can be stored in these, "DRY WELLS". It is also safer to have all this Crude Oil, underground. It also equalizes the ground pressure and slows down, Earth Quakes and Land Slides. The same can be done with water. Filter the water, and pump it into the, "Water Table", and, "DEFINED HERE". This reduces floods. It also equalizes the natural pressure of the earth.

Again, please note my original declaration of my Copyright and Apostile as stated above/herein.

[Poor man's Copyright/Apostille VIA , Publishing, E-mails and Communications Globally declared].

An Original Copyright/Apostille (C) of Herbert West 3rd

So far the hold up is Coal Stock Protection. I am getting screwed because of peoples stock in Coal. Yea, B.N.S.F. railroad, GE, Congress, Brownback etc:.. are protecting their Coal Stock.

**Update November 10TH, 2011**

I have designed a way to use the above designed, Power Plant, in Cars, Trains, Boats, Ships etc:.. Yea, I designed a way to put this design in every day vehicles. It can be used for Military and/or Civilian application. I refuse to disclose the design until people stop stealing the design. So far I have been screwed. We will see what happens.


Earnest Hemmingway said...

Ok dumbass where do you get the power for the electromagnets? Plus do you really have even a basic undestanding of how an electromagnet works and how to reverse the polarity? Plus you claim "terrorist" wont know where they are at well people have to construct and maintain it. So would this be a top secret military base like Area 51 where you get some of your anal probes?
Take the meds they gave you at OSH and shut the fuck up you cocksucker

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I thought Earnest Hemmingway died? Oh well. Lets consider that the electricity that the power plant makes can be used to run the electro magnets. As to the "Terrorist" portion. This power plant cannot be turned into a weapon nor can its parts that would be used to build the power plant, asshole!