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Sunday, July 26, 2009

WIBW 580 AM, Propaganda!!!!!!!! {Updated July 27th, 28th, 2009}.

July 28th, 2009.. I was put on hold for an hour today by Raubin Pierce and staff at WIBW 580 AM. I find that very disturbing. Look at the article and comments at www.cjonline.com titled, "Close call inspires law reform." I was asked what my topic was and placed on hold for an hour. I was in support of all Law Enforcement Agencies in Kansas and Raubin blocked that. He thinks it is cool for the A.G. to tell the K.L.E.T.C. and the KS-CPOST they are wrong and have been wrong in teaching Cops how to function, unmarked. They are at www.kletc.org and www.kscpost.org That is dangerous and utterly stupid. I called and e-mailed Michael Osterhout with Morris Communications in Augusta Georgia. His e-mail is, Michael.Osterhout@morris.com Someone should have picked back up and told me they would not allow me to discuss my topic on-air. As you are aware, the blog/chat was disarmed. I told them this and they still made me hold for an hour and then hung up on me. They told, 2,688,418 Kansas Citizens to kiss off. I am re-stating my opinion that the Radio Station "PROPAGANDA'S". I will keep you informed.

July 27th, 2009...I have apologized for the use of the word "Propaganda'. I will not be erasing any of the content because I feel I would be telling a lie in doing that. I will keep the original article contents posted so people can see what I am apologizing for. If I were to erase it I would be wrong. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate. Check out the comments, it also explains the matter. His side and my side.

..I had sent Raubin Pierce some e-mails. Raubin Pierce decided to send me a return e-mail. It was along the lines of, "He doesn't want notified of comments that others post on articles in the news, websites etc:.. He only wants to read the articles and use that as his opinion base. Comments from others are not important, he can facilitate his own". Talk Radio??? It is just live Propaganda instead of printed Propaganda!!!!!!!! Oh yea, Morris Communications owns both, WIBW 580 AM and The Topeka Journal,[cjonline.com]. Herbert West 3rd, Democratic Uncontested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.


Raubin said...

At least post the email if you are going to make things up.
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009, 10:54 AM

I appreciate your interest in my brain food, but I can find my own. If you have thoughts on a subject send those on so we may use them in coverage of you. Most of your emais have no content other than you signature & a link I have read anyway, so do me a favor before pushing send to me.  If your thoughts on a subject add up to less words than are in your email signature/disclaimer delete me from the distribution.  Sorry to be blunt, but someone apparently needs to be.  


Raubin Pierce
Kansas Radio Networks
(785) 228-7238 direct & fax

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I stand by my opinion. I also agree, you have the right to yours. I allowed your comment, as you can see.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

To clarify. I send out the message, "Please read article and the comments. I posted a comments here on this article". I then give a link to the article which contains the comments, also. I am not retyping the entire article and then typing every comment and then sending that huge e-mail out. I send messages, e-mails, that I commented on and forwarded, the stated article which includes the posted comments at the article.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I acknowledge, on my own, that the word Propaganda is and was harsh. I apologize for that word being used and its implications in its verbage content as the word, Propaganda. I will not be altering the any of the previous posts or comments as I feel that is a form of censorship and I cannot lie to you or him. I hope he excepts my apology for the use of the word, Propaganda.