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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jobs, Outsourcing, Tax Abatement and State Accountability.

July 29th, 2009.

..I have witnessed a great loss of Jobs in Kansas. Companies come here and are allowed to avoid taxes through "Abatement's". They benefit and send their profits to their corporate offices, out of State. When they come here, they bring their employees with them. Legislatures have sold our State Resources. President Obama and H.H.S. Sebelius keep demanding, Privatization. Look at what it has done to us. Allowing out of State Companies to have their own set of rules is wrong. Letting them have rights over the long term businesses already here is wrong. It is a reversal on, Outsourcing. They falsify or pad the Unemployment stats. We need to concentrate on more State Boundary companies. We need to preserve and assist Kansas Businesses. We need to shop and spend in a way that we benefit from the sales tax return and the companies income as a resource. We need to support local laborers. The small businesses are being choked off. Companies from out of town are getting sweet deals at our expense. Why can't current businesses get tax breaks and incentive packages? Because the Kansas Legislature doesn't hold stock in those companies and small businesses. President Obama has stated, "He will tax the wealthy even more". He gave them huge stimulus bailouts then increases the amount of tax they will pay personally and did not touch big businesses taxes. He laundered Federal Money. The big companies don't pay higher taxes, their employees do. He, again, supports big business and chokes off the employees. When the States, to include Kansas, excepted stimulus money, they also allowed Federal rules over its use and misuse. Stimulus money is based on loans. We will be paying it back. When it is accepted and used to give the Federal Government control over States Policy's and authority, we loose our State rights. We will not benefit from the misused tax money, or the stimulus bailouts. Our current State Legislature sold us out, to ourselves. If we are the richest, most resourcful country on the plant, why do we keep borrowing money from less resourcful countries?

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