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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Self Defense sites I use.

July 25th, 2009.

..1. judoinfo.com
..2. stenudd.com/aikido

..I have practiced for years. I advise others to do the same. It builds confidence and develops restraint. It is safer than weapons. Most Weapon and Non Weapon Fights are either Wanted or Unwanted in nature, Retaliatory in nature and Reflex Reactive in Response. The 2 forms of Self Defense are "Hand to Hand", and "Weaponry Utilization". The combination of both has a foundation of each. The Roots or Foundation is were the Homage is reflected, respectively. Each has its Merits and Stigma's. Chose well, thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Democratic UN-Contested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

I found some more sites.

..1. http://www.dojoweb.com/instructionalvideos.asp

..2. http://www.zanshinmkd.com/shotokankaratevideos.html

..3. http://www.karate.com/karate-videos

..4. http://www.Downloadkarate.com/index.asp?Sec_ID=156

..5. http://www.martialartstutor.com/karate

..6. http://www.karate-shotokan-kata.com/Karate-kata-videos.html

**Update** Dec 26th 2009.

I e-mailed Reserve Deputy Steven Seagal at the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office in Louisiana. I e-mailed him with what I call "Eclasia". "Eclectic Asia". Which I feel is, "The art of being eclectic in a Martial Arts form through graftation". Asia is the oldest living, working registry of Martial Arts. I realize everyone who studies more than one style will posses or develop one style from them all. The styles naturally graft into each possessor. I am no better or worse than any other man. I just enjoy sharing respectfully.

I have noticed that Japanese Martial Arts forms are common. Dr. Jigoro Kano combined 30 Jujitsu forms into one and called it "JUDO". Yea, JUDO is a combination of 30 different Japanese Styles or Forms of self defense. He did this in Tokyo Japan in 1882. He then founded the Kodakon in Tokyo, Japan as a place to teach and practice these combined forms as this art, JUDO.

I notice similarities in many Martial Arts forms. Example, "An Aikido move has multiple moves to accomplish one motion". When someone attempts to throw a punch at the Aikido practitioner they move to the outside and step beside the attacker and place their arm across the attackers chest towards their neck and step on through pushing the attacker backwards onto their own back". In Hung Gar, the practitioner steps to the side but, places their left arm back under both arms of the attacker, placing their left shoulder towards the attackers right outer middle chest and then the defender/practitioner sweeps their arm in a clock like fashion and lifts both arms of the attackers arms up and the defender pulls back and completes the sweeping arm lift to throw the attacker back and off balance with a lifting motion as they come out of the kneel and lift". In JUDO, "the defender can grab the wrist of the attacker and turn away and placing their left shoulder towards the attacker, while pulling the wrist and arm on past them as they step through. The defender then place their left arm across the attackers upper chest above their strike arm that the defender has a hold of and straightens out their arms to their own sides and then they pull back and fall to the ground placing the attacker on the back with the defenders arm and back across their neck slamming them into the ground".

What do I see in combining these moves as one move? The attacker punches at me and I grab their inner wrist and step towards them pulling their arm on past behind where i was standing and then I place my left arm over their right arm and slip it under their left arm and then lift it up as they reach at me to grab their right wrist back from me with their left hand. In this I then slightly kneel down and sweep my left arm under their left arm and continue the sweep and place my arm up and over theirs and it ends up pointing straight back pointing at the wall behind them, on the rights side of their head. This places their left arm across their chest and trapped below my left armpit and then I step back facing them and pushing their right wrist into their left shoulder area. I then pull my left arm back slightly and bend it around their neck and grab their right wrist from behind and pull their right wrist up over their left shoulder. I remember to keep my left elbow in place, slightly downward to pin or trap their left arm under my left arm. I can then free up my right hand to strike the left side of their body".

Variations from this position:.

1. I can kick their legs back and pull their head to the ground shoving their face straight down and placing my weight on their back as I pull them towards me and at the ground.

2. I can pull back and place my left foot against their right hip and step up and place my right foot into their face and let them have or pull their right arm back from across them. This distracts their defense on their left arm. when I kick through I would re-grasp their left arm. Remember, their left arm is now in your crotch area. Your left foot is below their left arm and your right foot is now above their left arm. As they pull back, they will spin out to their left. This will force their right side back behind them. This move when completed will force them onto their back landing with their head on the floor to the defenders right side and the attackers legs to the defenders left and away from the attacker. You now have them in an arm bar. Just lay back and complete the arm bar with your legs."

3. Pull them down from the front by grabbing their left shoulder and spinning back towards your right and throwing them on their left side.

4. Lower your left arm and bend their left arm across your left knee. Move your left arm down their left arm for leverage.

5. Reach down with your left arm and grab their left outer wrist placing your palm towards them. Sweep you palm towards their face and kneel and spin backwards laying back and throwing their bent arm to your right side towards the ground. This will cause them to spin on top of you so be careful. In doing this raise your left arm and sweep it across their left shoulder and point it back behind them again. This force will break their left elbow and dislocate their left shoulder as you pull their arm out from your right side. You will be on your back and you will be pointing straight out to your right. This pain will cause them to move off of you and drop to their left onto the ground. In JUDO you would complete this by folding their wrist behind their shoulder in a shoving motion placing their wrist just past the outer shoulder and putting their elbow beside the right side of your face. As you roll to your right to continue into their left movement, use both your hands and grab their wrist and roll onto them pushing their left bent arm, wrist into the ground just beside their outer left shoulder and climb onto them.

6. While in the above standard position, pull them towards you and go into variation 1. When reaching around their left side of their head with your right hand, grab your left wrist and twist up and around them. Kick your left leg over their right shoulder and spin up onto their back setting on them with the back of their neck against your crotch. Pull your legs up and lean back and use your full weight on their head placing it into the ground as you sit on them. Or, reach down and grab their chin and pull back on their head as your feet hit the ground, as is done in Greco Roman Wrestling, GoJu Ryu, Jiu Jitsu and Aiki Ju-jitsu JUDO.

I am not certified in any Martial Arts form or style. I collect videos, books and love the Arts. In the traditions there is a minimum time frame of practice per belt under an instructor. I never did this, nor do I hold any belts in Martial Arts. I respect the Martial Arts I love by not disrespecting the traditions by feeling I hold any belts. I advise the same to anyone reading my posts and using any thing in this article or any other shared source. I know enough to defend myself. I don't teach. I am not allowed by tradition. Practice well and wise.

******I wrote this saying along time ago as satire,

***I have met 3 Masters in life. Each taught me something different.

1. Master Jun Fan Sze, Bruce Lee. "Learn the Art of Fighting without fighting".

2. Master Kim, "Kung Fu". "As quickly as you can remove the pebbles from upon my hand".

3. Master Hung Chow, ""???"". "As quickly as you can remove my foot from your ass, thus removing the need for me to stick around".

I have walked through life 43 years. I have walked away without fighting and felt the win within that advice. I still have my balls, physical and psychological. And I don't drag Masters behind me like a skid mark, as I walk through life, yet I feel and respect their options, within their presence.

In reality I have met many Martial Artist who never met me. I am graced that they shared their Arts and views with the world, through books, video, movies, DVD's, and magazines. I have viewed styles and heard opinions from across the world. I am glad to have shared and heard what they had and have to show. I still have a lot to see and hear. I don't mind a bit. The journey is more rewarding than the end of the trip, for me. Thanks again, keep practicing safely and respectfully. "Peace".

*Update, July 22nd, 2011*

More sites,

Steven Seagal


Aikido Knife Defense's


Steven Seagal Aikido Journal


Steven Seagal 2nd Degree Black Belt Test.


54 Minute Instruction Video on Kempo and Aikido.



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A REAL Martial Artist

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