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Monday, July 13, 2009

Health care.

**Updated December 28TH, 2012**
I am planning on considering a bid for Governor again. The next election is in November 2014. I have witnessed a great travesty in America and Kansas in regards to Health care. Short and sweet.
1. I have Medicare/Medicaid/and Community CCRX for Meds and that it will change to Silver Script in January 2012. The Government pays my monthly premiumms. Cool. Except, when I was in the Hospital and Nursing Homes for 4 months, I was told my insurance was Inactive. The premiums were being paid, but the insurance was Inactive. Almost $800,000.00 in Medical Bills backed up. Medicare paid their 80% and MMedicaid refused to pay anything even-though the Premiums were paid up monthly. Then Medicare withdrew payment and no one got paid. Then a Charity Group, Charity Care-search America, paid about 90% of the bills to all the providers. Who is this Charity Care group? They are all the Charity's and Churches in America. Where do they get funds? This is the sick part. Remember all those donations for Katrina, Indonesia and other disasters? The funds were given to Catholic Charities and the Heart to Heart Foundation in Overland Park Kansas. The funds were never given to the victims of Katrina, Indonesia or Joplin Missouri. They were given to HCA, KU Medical Center, Overland park Medical etc:.. Then these providers pay taxes on Not For Profit Money/Funds. They also give "Unlimitedd Contributions" to US Senators and Representatives and Presidential Candidates. Who allowed this? Secretary of State Clinton. She laundered International Funds. She also never left the Walmart Corporate Board and sabotaged Walmarts employees getting Health care their way so Obama care could slide through and use stolen charity money. Agent Delaney, Supervisor for the Kansas Bureau of Investigations in Overland Park Kansas, is also on the Cumulus Radio Station Board of Trusty's. He also launders the stolen Lottery Money through Cumulus and Intercom as well as covering for Heat to Heart for the State. I will add some links showing the thefts. http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/04/kansas-medicaid-already-terrorized-by.html




The Clinton Family Foundation received funds from this money, as did President George Herbert Walker Bush. Chelsea Clinto received a 3.8 million dollare wedding while Indonesia Victims suffered. Yet Indonesia, and the Katrina Victims were never paid. Now we are collecting money for the East Coast do to the Hurricane Sandy. Yet they also have not recieved any collected funds.

Was this Tsunami Induced, created??? They found a WWI or WWII War Head off of the Coast of South Carolina at the same time frame. New Zealand Military Forces did tests in World War II and attempted to create Tsunami's for War use, called, Project Seal.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Seal There were projected high surfs and surfing weather in the Indonesia area at the same time frame. The War Head that was located was one of these New Zealand War Heads that the US Navy had confiscated and lost at sea during its return trip back to America. It did not travel the Pearl Harbor route, to throw off any country from tracking the Navy Vessel. That is why it was on the East Coast, not the West Coast. Remember, Indonesia is primarily Islam, or Muslim in religion.


July 18th 2009.
..Lets look at some of the components of Health care. Lets simplify it with an example. The patient goes to their Doctor. They have Medicare and Medicaid Insurance. Their Doctor contracts with Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors are require to take on about 5% of their patient load from Medicare and Medicaid clients. Doctors, in doing this are not required to take on more than the percentage as contracted. The big reason why is, the Doctor has to except Assignment. This is, if they charge $100.00 for a Doctor visit, with labs, the most assignment will pay is 80% or $80.00. Every 3 months Medicare and Medicaid, do what they call, buy out the debts. They offer to pay about 60% of the bulk debt owed to the Doctor. 60% of $80.00 is $48.00. The Doctor only gets $48.00 on a $100.00 service to the patient. They cannot write any of the loss off, on their taxes. They just eat it. This is why Medicare and Medicaid cannot force Doctors to take over a certain percentage of these types of patients. The kicker, under equality, other Insurance Companies can also negotiate buy outs of debt owed to the Doctor. In this, the Doctors raise their Office rates and services. The more they charge, the more they get in the buy outs. The kicker, this raises the premiums way up on Insurance rates. People cannot afford those rates. They become Private Pay. They have to pay the full debt or bill for the same service. Why? Private Pay people don't have an Underwriter like the Insurance Companies have. The Private Pay patients get nailed in the long run. This also happens with E.R. Visits, Hospital stays, and Specialist. This also happens with Medications, through Pharmacy's.

..What to do? As long as the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies get paid it will stabilize the increase in rates. In theory, it will also lower the Insurance Premiums and lower Health care costs. How to make sure they get paid? Medicare and Medicaid should still be able to negotiate a buy out on assignment. It should be redefined and restructured. The restructure is, they get the buy out as a down payment. Then they contract the difference. The contract is where Medicare and Medicaid makes payments for the difference. This forces other Insurance Companies to do the same. Example, $100.00 debt/bill is contracted at $80.00. In the buy out they are offered the $48.00. They get this and then Medicaid and Medicare owe the Doctor $32.00 in payments for the contracted 80% assignment. Private pay people would be allowed to pay the $48.00 and then make payments and pay off the $100.00 debt/bill. Again they don't have an Insurance Underwriter. The Doctor can adjust the $20.00 in difference if they chose. They are guaranteed their $80.00 on assignment. They will receive regular payments form the Insurance Companies. They can then negotiate allowable tax payment incentives. All of this will ease up the burden on the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies.

..Another relief idea. If every Doctor, Hospital and Pharmacy collected $1.00 on every service visit, and sent that into the State, that would generate how much? Well Kansas has a Population of 2,688,418 citizens/residents. If they all visit the Doctor, use a Hospital, buy a Prescription 1 time a month. That would generate $2,688,418.00 a month into Health care. That times 12 months is, $32,261.016.00 a year. This can be used to help pay the insurance debt payments to the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies. Lets say people don't use Doctors, Hospitals or Pharmacies. What to do? The State would have to trust the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies to collect the fees. Also, the State would have the expense of monitoring this idea. The other part to this, is. If every citizen/resident who lives in Kansas pays the $1.00 based on 1 visit to any of the 3 named, every month it would generate the numbers stated. If people were to pay this same $1.00 every month into a Government Office, the State would get the same amount. We would have to make sure, the money goes for Health care as stated and structured. It cannot be re-appropriated or offset any current budget funds. It would have to be used for the declared, stated use. There needs to be an Office in every county where we can go and pay the $1.00 monthly. It is not tax deductible. In the same Office we should be allowed to pay any amount we chose to, in other relief collection designations. If we chose to pay a extra $1.00 into the State Education General Fund, we should be able to. I suggest, if this goes through, the Office only collects cash. They can keep track of the $1.00 payments towards the Medical General Budget, as designated in each county and report this to the State. The penalty would be, the person or people who refuse to follow the $1.00 a month minimum, would not be eligible for the program or benefit from it directly. The $1.00 is a "CO-PAY". They don't, "CO-PAY", they are not eligible for the program.

..When elected I will have the authority to facilitate something along these lines. Like the rest of my issue approaches, I will communicate with any and all citizens/residents of Kansas and work out what is best and within the majority of their wishes. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

..July 24th, 2009.
..I had stated, above, "If the State can trust the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacy's to collect the dollars". Think about that statement. People probably got upset. They know their, Doctor's, Hospital's and Pharmacy's serve us well. It is the refusal too pay them, by contract, by the Insurance Companies and the State's. I wanted people to think for themselves and too facilitate what they have witnessed, without my cohearsion, so they would have their own opinion/opinions on the subject. Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, UN-Contested Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

..Read here http://gbls.org/map/brochures.htm then click onto Medicare Assignment.

..August 6th 2009, Update.

..Look at the Pyramid Scheme in this. The money that was not paid to the Doctor, Hospital is "re-appropriated"? The State tells the Federal Government they need the assignment rate for the State Medicare Budget. The Feds send that amount. Then the State buys out the Health care provider for next to nothing. The State doesn't return the withheld money to the Feds. They use it for "Personal Agenda". They cannot declare it into the Budget or into Budget items. It was not "Earmarked" for those items. It is used for "Personal Agenda". They steal from the Medicare System in doing this. Governor Sebelius Bankrupted the States Medicare and Medicaid System before she was appointed HHS. Before that she was the States, Insurance Commissioner. She wants to Bankrupt every State now. It is not the funds, it is the mismanagement and theft of the funds. "Pyramid Scheme" defined.

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