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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What do the other Candidates have in common?

There in Office. Why would a Candidate make that statement? Lets look at each Candidate I am running against, and myself.

..1. U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, KS-R. He has set up allot from Federal Funding as a U.S. Senator. Imagine that he did not follow the needs of the Citizens/Residents of Kansas and he did not fulfil the wishes of us either. If elected, he will be able to cover up any problems the State has gotten involved in. He will be able to protect his self and will be allowed to use the Governors Office to secure his Federal ties here. That seems to messed up to me. No one should be allowed to cover for themselves and block any and all investigation's. He should not be allowed to define his Federal ways as Governor. The Governors seat is not for Personal Agenda! He will push for the Bio/Lab and will refuse to look at it objectively. He will follow his own personal agenda and will follow the current rule of thumb, "You voted for me, you cannot fix it for 4 more years". We have had a multitude of years and years of that crap.

..2. {HAS NOT FILED}. Kansas State Senator Chris Steineger-R. He has not even filed yet. He is not a Candidate. He is just making statements. He has decided to fire 92 Sheriffs' and 92 counties worth of County Commissioners. He used floor time in the Legislative Session for a measure that is not allowed by the Kansas Constitution. He furthermore would abuse the Office of Governor to hide his mistakes and greed. He would continue the same tired agenda and the same path of Dictatorship. He would be a bi-partisan Governor. Them VS. us! We have that know and have had that for years.

..3. Herbert West III-D. I don't have experience in politics as an Elected Official. I never lied to anyone and I don't need the Governor's Office to cover for Lie's and twisted politics. I cannot be punished for not doing my job. I was never elected and then did as I felt. I see Legislatures deciding what they personally feel with zero regards to the constituents who they Govern. I demand accountability for the theft, mismanagement of our tax resources. I demand that we secure Kansas, the home front.
I refuse to allow them from getting elected and covering up these headache times.

..Thanks again. I want to be your Governor. I want to return Topeka and the rest of our State back to the United States of America, and the citizens/residents of Kansas. Stop the Lie, Vote for me. Herbert West 3rd-D.

Herbert West 3rd.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:30 am.

The only 2 Candidates left, Brownback and myself. Brady is still trying to get a petition and I don't even know the other petition guys name. Heck, Steineger, Gates, Wiggans, Docking, Kelly, Garner either denounced or left already. Holland is still thinking.

I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, Uncontested Democratic Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com

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