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Monday, July 13, 2009

Iraq and our Troops.

I feel the home front should come first. I have yet to see any conclusive evidence that Iraq has invaded America. I have witnessed a sacrifice on America that I personally feel is unfounded and unjust. I have witnessed the Lie's they tell our Troops. I have witnessed the abuse of their dedication and Loyalty to our Country. I am very displeased that everyone here gets credit and those there are forgotten. I see, local Cops here in Miami County Kansas, being called Heroes, just for doing basic things. I was further shocked that the local paper only acknowledged about 30 Cops, Deputies, Fire Fighters, and EMS out of about 100 area personnel. All of them did not even have Military Training. This came out as a Calendar on Veterans Day a couple of years ago. They are getting more support and respect than our Troops who are in a 24/7/365 Harms Way situation. I am relieved that this is not the Law Enforcement tone Statewide. If it was my decision, the Troops would be back home, here in America. I am displeased that the Veterans are not receiving their benefits and health care based on what they was promised. Governor Parkinson has received $30,000,000.00 from nursing homes since the Iraq War started. $millions have been laundered into Village West. They file fake appeals to stop the people from filing for tax recovery. It is a SLAPP Maneuver. The RICO Acts define SLAPP as "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation". They don't want the stolen laundered money returned to our tax base. Not ONE penny from Village West Benefits our Troops. It cost them their very lives. The Tyrants in Topeka need "The Red Tape of War", in place to cut through rules and launder money. This is allowed to benefit the Troops in an effort to help them at times of War. Again, this is being done but the Troops are not getting any of it. If they come home, the "Red tape Returns", and Topeka can no longer steal.

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