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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wasted Tax Revenue and Personal Agenda.


This post titles contents was posted/updated today, July 16th 2009, by Candidate Herbert West 3rd.

2. Privatization vs. Government Departments.
There are some major differences in these two types of structures.

A. Governmental Structure.

This structure is the basic common structure we have had for years. It is where a City or County runs a service as a City or County Department. Example's, by name are, "The Overland Park Fire Department", "The Kansas City Kansas Police Department", "The Kansas Highway Patrol", etc:.. They are tax payer owned and are Departments within a City, County, State or Federal Department. They are regulated, managed and Governed, by a City Council County Commission, State Legislature or Congress. They are also Governed by a Board or Commission that is structured within the American Government System. The rate we are billed for the services they provide is also regulated and managed by these Boards and Commission's. We are only charged service fees by Law Enforcement for, Record Copies, Civil Serve Fee's, etc:.. Some Departments or Offices within Government structure charge us with bills. E.M.S. charges us and our insurance a flat rate and an itemized rate for Ambulance Services. Within this there are two types of billings. B.L.S. and A.L.S.. These are Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support. To be eligible for a Service License through the State, which is required, they have to show they qualify for either or both types of licenses for the Ambulances. Each Ambulance and each Service must hold separate licenses. If a Service has 3 Ambulances, and 3 Stations, they will have to have, 3 Ambulance State Issued Licenses, 3 Station Licenses and 1 Overall license. They must have approval for the base rate they charge for an Ambulance run. They must show where they charge every B.L.S. call the same base rate. They must show and declare that every A.L.S. call will be charged the same base rate. They must show the additional expence they will charge for any additional supplies not covered in a basic B.L.S. or A.L.S. call. They must also stock a minimum amount of supplies and equipment within the license they apply for. They must also have at least 1 Paramedic on every A.L.S. licensed Ambulance 24/7/365. They cannot bill more than the rate that the County Commissioners or City Council approved. An additional example, if a City has approved a fine amount for running a stop sign at $170.00, the Officer cannot write a fine amount for running a stop sign for any amount over or under the approved $170.00. This is the Governement form of services. In this structure, the amount of money collected in the billing, covers the expence for running the service/department. It is funded with tax money from the City or County General Fund. It is also funded by a percentage of Sales tax when approved.

B. Privatization Structure.

This structure requires the same except, it is a Private Company. They get a flat rate from the City or County to run a service. They bill what they feel like. They don't have to justify the Ambulance Bill amounts. Any money they make goes to their Corporate Office which is out of state. They don't pay sales tax, like other businesses. They pay State and Federal Income Tax on the businesses, but they also get big tax breaks. They also can charge the City and County for additional expences that they say they have been hit with. The City Council and the County Commissioners as well as the State will tell you, "They don't regulate or Govern Private Companies". They also don't regulate the medical care that these services provide. As a business, these Private Ambulance Services can also, refuse to give you care if they don't feel they will be paid. If you cannot prove you have insurance, they can deny you care as a Private Business. When a Private Service is in place, you are in danger. Under equality, when a Private Service charges a huge rate for an Ambulance call, the Government can charge the same. That is more out of our tax base to make up the short fall when insurance companies and private pay people cannot afford these out of control rates.

I don't believe in Privatizing our Government for anything. K.P.E.R.S. Privitized, and now the Retirement System is its own Company and the State has ZERO say so in it. The kicker, Learning Quest, your public school kids 401K is within K.P.E.R.S.. Why do you think the State cut off school funding. They don't regulate or Govern the Company that holds you Learning Quest funds. Like K.P.E.R.S. for employees, it is mandated, but not regulated. I will be adding information here as I Campaign. As Stated in the Abortion post, below. I will be asking the Kansas Residents what they feel and facilitating what they want collectively. I will expose these problems and listen to advice and concerns from those that these and other factors affect, "US", and our future!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** January 25TH, 2010 8:34 am.

Lets relect:..


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